Atlantic from Norfolk Island to Port Jackson September 1792

The Atlantic left Norfolk Island on 21Sept 1792 for Port Jackson arriving 30 Sept 1792.

Known Passenger List
62 people including nine Marines settlers and 13 offenders

  1. Ashford, William
  2. Bennett, John
  3. Bolton, George: Emancipist
  4. Bond, Isaac: Child’s convict
  5.  Bond, James: convict
  6. Brown, John: Marine Settler (1)
  7. Browning, William: Marine (2) ##
  8. Campbell, William: Convict
  9. Clugh, Richard: Convict
  10. Conway, George
  11. Davis, James: emancipist, sawyer #
  12. Dennison, Michael: convict *
  13. Fentum, Benjamin: convict
  14. Finicy, Thomas (Fillesey): convict *
  15. Fletcher, James: convict
  16. Fowles, Ann: convict *
  17. Frost, Mary: convict
  18. Frost, Mary: convict’s child
  19. Frost, Sarah: convict’s child
  20. Gowen, John: Marine Settler (3)
  21. Grimes, Charles: Deputy Surveyor
  22. Hall, Margaret: convict ^^^
  23. Hart, Francis: convict
  24. Hitchcock, John: convict
  25. Howard John: convict *
  26. Hughes, William: Marine Settler (4) *
  27. Ingle, Otawell: convict *
  28. Kirby, James: Marine Settler (5) ##
  29. McCormick, Sarah: convict ^^
  30. McGennis, Sarah: convict
  31. McManus, James: Marine Settler (6)
  32. Martin, Ann: convict ^^
  33. Mather, Ann: convict *
  34. Mather, Joseph: convict’s child
  35. Moulton, William: Marine Settler (7)
  36. Nallence, Thomas: convict
  37. O’Brien, John: convict
  38. Penny, John: convict
  39. Pickett, Samuel: convict #
  40. Piles, Mary: convict *
  41. Poole, Jane: convict ^^
  42. Pool, Margaret: convict’s child
  43. Rayner, John: convict
  44. Richardson, James: Emancipist #
  45. Robinson, Joseph: convict #
  46. Sheane, Patrick: convict
  47. Sherrat, James: convict
  48. Skinner, John
  49.  Smith, John: convict
  50.  Spencer, Mary: convict *
  51. Strong, James: convict ##
  52. Taylor, Joshua: convict *
  53. Thomas, James: (1st) convict *
  54. Thompson, Mary: convict
  55. Triffit, Susannah: convict # see James Richardson
  56. Turner, John: convict
  57. Tuso, Joseph: convict *
  58. Walch, William (Walsh): convict *
  59. William, James: Marine Settler (8) #
  60. Williams, Peter: Emancipist ^^^
  61. Woodman, Jonathan: Marine Settler (9) ##
  62. Unknown

# arrived on Norfolk Island aboard the Golden Grove in Oct 1788
^^ arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HM Supply in Dec 1789
^^^ arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HM Supply in Jan 1790
## arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HM Supply in Mar 1790
* arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HMS Sirius Mar 1790.

David Collins wrote: On board of the Atlantic came sixty-two persons from Norfolk Island, among whom were several whose terms of transportation had expired; thirteen offenders; and nine of the marine settlers, who had given up the hoe and the spade, returned to this place to embrace once more a life to which they certainly were, from long habit, better adapted than to that of independent settlers. They gave up their estates, and came here to enter as soldiers in the New South Wales corps. Very few of the convicts at Norfolk Island whose terms of transportation had expired were found desirous of becoming permanent settlers; the sole object with the major part appearing to be, that of taking ground for the purpose of raising by the sale of the produce a sum sufficient to enable them to pay for their passages to England. The settler to benefit this colony, the bona fide settler, who should be a man of some property, must come from England. He is not to be looked for among discharged soldiers, shipwrecked seamen, or quondam convicts. [1]

[1] David Collins, An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales.










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