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William Broughton, Servant to John White, Charlotte 1788

William Broughton, born 1768, came free to NSW as  servant to John White, aboard the Charlotte 1788.

On 20 Feb 1789 he was appointed store keeper at Parramatta. William remained at this post until the 12 Dec 1800, when he was appointed Storekeeper acting deputy commissary at Norfolk Island, with a promise that if he chooses to return to this place, in case of Deputy Commissary Clarke’s return to Norfolk Island, he will resume his former situation at Parramatta. Continue reading

Elizabeth Lock, Convict, Lady Penrhyn 1788

Elizabeth Lock was born 1763. She was tried with the crime of two counts of break, enter and steal at Gloucester on 26 Mar 1783. Elizabeth was sentence to death but was commuted to 7 years transportation.  She arrived in NSW aboard the Lady Penrhyn 1788 Elizabeth was on rations in Sydney in 1788.

Elizabeth married Richard Morgan, 30 Mar 1788, St Phillips Sydney. Richard MORGAN, Convict, Alexander 1788. Crime: Assault and rob. Tried: Gloucester, 23 Mar 1785. Sentence: 7 years transportation.  Richard arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HM Supply in Jan 1790. Continue reading

Dennis Hunt, NSW Corps, Admiral Barrington 1791

Dennis Hunt enlisted into the NSW Corps in Mar 1791 in England; he arrived in NSW aboard the Admiral Barrington 1791

He arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HMS Porpoise in Mar 1801, with the rank of private. Dennis left Norfolk Island aboard the Lady Nelson in Jan 1803 for Sydney.

Dennis Hunt died 24 Sep 1803 at Sydney General Hospital from dysentery. He was buried 25 Sept 1803 at Old Sydney burial ground as Denness Hunt, Solider.

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Ann Inett, Convict, Lady Penrhyn 1788

Ann Inett was born  1756 Grimley, Worcester, England. Trade: Dressmaker. Crime: Break, enter and steal 1 petticoat with force of arms. Tried: Worcester 11 Mar 1786. Sentence: Death commuted to 7 years transportation. Ann left behind in Worcestershire her two children (possible illegitimate) Thomas aged nine years and Constance, aged six years.

In the middle of February 1788, Lieutenant King of HMS Sirius, a master’s mate, and surgeon’s mate, with four other men from HMS Sirius, together with a few men and women convicts including Ann Inett, embarked on board HM Supply, and travelled to Norfolk Island, to established the settlement. Continue reading

John Whitehouse, NSW Corps, Marquis Cornwallis 1796

John Whitehouse enlisted into the NSW Corps in England and arrived in NSW aboard the Marquis Cornwallis 1796, with the rank of private. At some time he was sent to Norfolk Island returning to aboard HMS Reliance in Dec 1799.

He returned to Norfolk island with the NSW Corps aboard HMS Porpoise in Jan 1801, he travelled back to NSW aboard the Union, arriving in Sydney 4 Mar 1804. Continue reading