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John Williams, Convict Scarborough 1788

John Williams  was first on the Charlotte, he was then transferred to the Scarborough before the first fleet left England. He was tired Bodmin, Cornwall on 18 Aug 1783  for stealing 1 cotton gown and other goods.; receiving a sentence of death which was commuted to 7 years transportation.

John arrived on Norfolk Island in Mar 1788, aboard HM Supply. He drowned on 6 Aug 1788 whilst on way out to HM Supply on her return journey to Norfolk Island the boat he was in was swamped and he lost his life along with three others –  James CunninghamLaurence Tomlinson, and William Westbrook. Continue reading

Mary Carter – McCarthy, Convict, Lady Juliana 1790

Mary Carter – McCarthy, Convict, Lady Juliana 1790 was sent to Norfolk Island aboard the Surprize in Aug 1790. On Norfolk Island she formed a relationship with First Fleeter Robert Nunn. He was born 1758. Crime: Steal 1 coat, silver, lace and two hat loops. Tried: Old Bailey, 7 July 1784. Sentence: 7 years transportation to America. Continue reading

supply 1790

HM Supply Norfolk Island March 1790

HM Supply Norfolk Island March 1790 includes index of the ship’s muster for the voyage to and from Norfolk island in March 1790 and a full biography of the Marines, Convicts and Convict children sent to Norfolk Island on 5 March from Port Jackson and the next generation, in addition to the passengers of the return voyage to Port Jackson, including some crew of the late HMS Sirius.

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George Plyer, Private Royal Marines, Friendship 1788

George Plyer was born c1759 at Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England. He arrived in NSW as a private of the Royal Marines 30th Company aboard the Friendship in 1788. As George Player he was sent to Norfolk Island aboard HM Supply in June 1789.

Spelling variations of surname includes aka Player, Plyar, Pleyer. Continue reading

Oldest known headstones in Australia

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