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David Bayne death 1790

David Bayne, Able Seaman, HMS Sirius 1788

David was born Dysert, Fife Scotland. He joined HMS Sirius 28 Oct 1786 at Deptford, aged 27 years. He was promoted to Quarter Gunner 6 Feb 1789. Spelling variations of his name include Bear, Bain, Baird and Bean.

David was stranded on Norfolk Island in Mar 1790 after the shipwreck of HMS Sirius, being mustered on 20 Mar 1790 on Norfolk Island after the shipwreck. He drowned while helping to unload provisions and passengers from the Justinian and the Surprize, on 17 Aug 1790 at Cascade Bay. Continue reading

Burial records 1811

First Fleeters buried at Old Sydney Burial Ground

The Old Sydney Burial Ground was originally a garden belonging to Captain Shea of the marines, now occupied by the Sydney Town Hall was used for burials from September 1792 to the end Jan 1820.  Below is a list of the First Fleeters buried at the Old Sydney Burial Ground with women recorded by their burial name. Continue reading

Norfolk island

HMS Sirius Crew not aboard the ship for the voyage to Norfolk Island March 1790

Not all the assigned crew members and ship’s marines were aboard HMS Sirius for the March 1790 voyage to Norfolk Island, they are noted in HMS Sirius muster by not being mustered on 20 March 1790 on Norfolk Island after the day after the shipwreck, but being mustered in April 1790 at Port Jackson. Continue reading

Sirius draught plan

Draught (Draft) plans of HMS Berwick – HMS Sirius

HMS SiriusHMS Sirius was originally the merchant ship Berwick, which was refitted out as HMS Berwick in early 1782 by the Royal Navy. The ship was commissioned to escort the First Fleet and renamed HMS Sirius in October 1786. HMS Sirius was the flagship of the first fleet.

Fred Spring an ex Qantas draughtsman and specialist in British ships donated the original draught plans of HMS Sirius, with a scale of scale 1: 48 and 415 mm x 552 mm in size in 1961 to the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich  London who considered Fred Spring a naval draughtsman expert. Continue reading