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Oldest known headstones in Australia

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Lawrence Lewis, NSW Corps, Britannia 1798

Lawrence Lewis, born Dublin 1772. He enlisted into the 102nd regiment in 1796 in England, traveling to NSW aboard the Britannia in 1798.

He first travelled to Norfolk Island aboard HMS Reliance in Nov 1799, at some stage he returned to Sydney. Then again travelled to Norfolk Island aboard HMS Buffalo in May 1803 as a private in the NSW Corps, departing Norfolk Island aboard the Investigator for Sydney in Feb 1805. He then assigned to Newcastle. Continue reading

Deaths: 1805 NSW and Norfolk Island

All burials at Sydney are at the Old Sydney Burial Ground.  Parramatta burials are at death reg. St Johns Parramatta unless noted. Dates are for burials unless noted.

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William, Phebe and Mary Peat: Free, Royal Admiral 1792

William Peat, a master Carpenter who had agree to come to Australia, this agreement was signed in England on the 14 May 1792. His skills as a master carpenter were to help with the establishment of the new colony.

William Peat, his wife Phebe and child Mary arrived in aboard the Royal Admiral in Oct 1792. William Peat was supposed to sail for Norfolk Island on the Philadelphia on 7 Dec 1792 for his role as master carpenter, along with John Jamieson, convict Superintendent, but his voyage was possible delayed by the death of his wife Phebe.

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