Deaths 1796 NSW and Norfolk Island

All deaths in Sydney are burials at the Old Sydney Burial Ground unless noted. Burials at Parramatta are at St Johns Parramatta unless noted. In most cases the dates refer to burial dates. Research and Indexed by Historian Cathy Dunn

ALFORD Richard, 15 Jun 1796 Sydney.  Convict Royal Admiral 1792
ALLAIN Margaret, 12 Dec 1796 Sydney. ALLEIN Convict. possible Margarte Allen Bellona 1793

BATTERSBY Richard, 17 Mar 1796 Parramatta. Richard Battersea arr. Convict Active 1791
BAXTER John, 9 Mar 1796Sydney. Convict

BEAZLEY Francis, 1 Oct 1796 Norfolk Island. Fa: John McCARTHY Marine 1788 Mo: Ann BEARDSLEY Convict 1788
BERGAN William, 13 Jun 1796Parramatta. Convict
BOLTON Elizabeth, 1 Oct 1796 Norfolk Island. HERBERT Infant
BOYLE Hugh, 21 Mar 1796 Sydney. Convict possible Marquis Cornwallis
BRABYN Mary, 29 Apr 1796 Norfolk Island. Soldiers wife arr. Marquis Cornwallis. Headstone today is on display at the Norfolk island Museums.
BREWER Henry, 10 Jul 1796 Sydney. David Collins: He came out with Governor Phillip as his clerk, and on our landing was appointed to act as provost-marshal in the room of the person appointed by the crown, Mr. Alexander, who never came out. Mr. Brewer afterwards received his Majesty’s commission appointing him to the vacancy.
BRYAN Patrick, 1 Jul 1796Norfolk Island. Convict Sugar Cane 1793
BRYAN Peter, 26 Mar 1796 Parramatta. Convict Sugar Cane 1793

Liberty Plains: CAESER John, 15 Feb 1796. Convict Alexander 1788, Caesar was shot by John Wimbow at Liberty Plains (Strathfield) and died after being carried to Thomas Rose’s hut.

Norfolk Island: CAFFREY Mary, 1796. Convict Marquis Cornwallis 1796

Sydney: CANE Mary, 20 Mar 1796. Convict Marquis Cornwallis 1796

Sydney: CARR Daniel, 2 Nov 1796. Soldier Matilda 1791

Sydney: CARTER Elizabeth. 14 Aug 1796. Convict Surprize 1790

Norfolk Island: CARTER John. 1 Jan 1796. Infant b. 10 Jul 1792 Norfolk Island Mo: Convict Margaret CATER/CARTER Lady Juliana 1790 some records show 1795 as death year

Norfolk Island: CARTER Margaret, 1796. d. about 1796 Convict Lady Juliana 1790,  with John Asher on Norfolk Island

Sydney: CARVER Joseph, 5 Jun 1796. Settler. Convict Alexander 1788

Norfolk Island: CHRISTMAS Susannah, 1 Oct 1796. b. 11 June 1796 Norfolk Island. Fa: Thomas Crowder Convict Alexander 1788. Mo: Mary Christmas Convict Lady Juliana 1790

Sydney: COATES David. 13 Oct 1796, Convict.

Parramatta: COGHLAN Nicholas, 29 Mar 1796. Convict

Sydney: COLEMAN John,  3 Mar 1796. Convict Marquis Cornwallis 1796

Norfolk Island: COLLINS William, 10 Jul 1796. d. 10 Jul 1796 Queenborough, Norfolk Island Convict Neptune 1790, m Ann Stockwell 1791 she died Norfolk Island 1804

Parramatta: COOKSEYS Mary, 16 Jun 1796, Infant

Parramatta: COSSLAN Nicholas, May/Jun 1796

Parramatta: COURTNAL Edward, 2 Feb 1796. COURTNELL Convict Matilda 1791

Norfolk Island: CROSS Mary, 25 Jul 1796. Convict Lady Juliana 1790

Norfolk Island: CROSSLEY Mary, 1 Nov 1796

Sydney: CUBIT Enoch, 11 Dec 1796. Infant

Norfolk Island: DEAVERS William, 29 Jul 1796. Convict Matilda 1791

Norfolk Island: DINAH Unknown, 14 Mar 1796. Lascar

Parramatta: DORY James, 18 Nov 1796. DERRY Executed Convict Salamander 1791

Sydney: DOWLING Unknown, 8 Aug 1796. Convict

Sydney: DOWNING John, 17 Oct 1796. Soldier, William & Ann 1791

Parramatta: DOYLE Thomas, 10 Dec 1796. Convict Executed

Sydney: EADES Joseph, 24 Jan 1796. Drowned Sydney 23 Jan 1796, Private NSW Corps Surprize 1790

Sydney: EVANS John, 6 May 1796. Convict

Sydney: EVANS Katherine, 26 Oct 1796. Convict, Murder by her Husband

Norfolk Island: EVANS Joseph, 1796. Convict Scarborough 1790

Sydney: FARRELL Matthew, 14 Jun 1796. Convict Pitt 1792. David Collins: Matthew Farrel, who (with Richard Sutton, the Newgate Bully) assaulted the watch on the night of the 17th of March last, having in the course of that contest received a wound on the temple which proved incurable, and occasioned his death some time after, the watchmen were now brought forward to account for the death of the deceased. This they did very satisfactorily, and were discharged

Executed: FINLOW John, 8 Aug 1796. Hang for murder, Convict Friendship 1788. David Collins: John Fenlow was tried for the wilful murder of his servant, David Lane. This charge was fully made out, and the prisoner received sentence to die. Fenlow, being tried on the Saturday, was executed on the following Monday. His body being delivered to the surgeons for dissection pursuant to his sentence, a stone was found in his gall bladder, of the size of a lark’s egg. This unhappy man was remarkable for an extreme irascibility of temper: might it not have been occasioned by the torment that such a substance must produce in so irritable a situation. He however, the night before his execution, confessed that the murder which he committed was premeditated

HMS Sirius March 190FISHBURN Andrew, 23 Jul 1796 Parramatta.

Parramatta: FLEMON George,  25 Jan 1796

Sydney: FORSYTH William, 23 Jan 1796

Norfolk Island: GALE William, 1 Jun 1796. Infant Collier/Collins. Mo: Elizabeth Gale Convict Lady Juliana 1790

Sydney: GERRALD Joseph, 16 Mar 1796. He was buried in the garden of a little spot of ground which he had purchased at Farm Cove. Mr. F. Palmer, we understood, had written his epitaph at large. Arr Convict Sovereign 1795.

Sydney: GILES Thomas, 11 Mar 1796. Infant

Sydney: HALL Ann, 16 Sept 1796. Convict Indispensible 1796

Norfolk Island: HAMBLY Mary, 18 Jun 1796. Convict Mary Springham Lady Penrhyn 1788, HMS Sirius to Norfolk Island 13 Mar 1790, m William HAMBLY 5 Nov 1791 Norfolk Island who arr. as a carpenters mate on the Sirius 1788

Sydney: HEMMINGS Edward, 6 Aug 1796. Private NSW Surprize 1790

HOBSELL Thomas, Parramatta 30 Jan 1796

Sydney: HOLTON Thomas, 21 Apr 1796. Thomas Holton (Holtham Hoult, Holt) Private NSW Corps

Sydney: HOLTON Thomas, 15 May 1796. Son of Private Thomas Holton NSW Corps

Sydney: HORN John, 3 Apr 1796. Convict

Sydney: HUDSON Ann, 12 Aug 1796. b 14 Aug 1791 Sydney Fa: Richard Husdon of NSW Corps Mo: Mary

Sydney: HUDSON Richard, 7 Mar 1796. Sergeant Major NSW Corps. d. 6 Mar 1796 from severe dysentery. arr. Lady Juliana 1790

Sydney: HUMPHRIES Edward, 13 Mar 1796. b. 16 Nov 1793 Sydney Fa. Edward. Convict Scarborough 1788 d 1804 Sydney Mo: Mary Williams Convict Neptune 1790 d 1805 Sydney

Parramatta: HYNES James, 19 Feb 1796. Settler

Sydney: INWOOD Philip, 3 Apr 1796. Convict Surprize 1790

Parramatta: JOHNSON George, Jan/Feb 1796 – Possible Death

Sydney: JONES David, 28 Apr 1796. Sergeant Major NSW Corps Admiral Barrington 1791

Sydney: JORDAN Samuel, 24 May 1796. Convict Royal Admiral 1792

Sydney: KENT John Hunter, 20 May 1796. b. 3 Nov 1795 Sydney Fa: William Kent Mo: Eliza

Sydney: LACY John, 24 Jan 1796. Killed by Natives. Convict Neptune 1790

Hawkesbury: LANE David, 4 Jul 1796. David Collins: the settler’s servant who was killed at the Hawkesbury; beside the seaman belonging to the Indispensable who was shot. John Fenlow was tried for the wilful murder of his servant, David Lane. This charge was fully made out, and the prisoner received sentence to die. Convict Queen 1791

Sydney: LAWLER John, 30 Nov 1796. LAWLOR Convict Queen 1791 d. 29 Nov 1796. David Collins: executed pursuant to the sentence of the court. At Sydney, Francis Morgan, for wilful murder, with Martin McEwen (a soldier) and John Lawler (a convict), for robbing the public stores

Mulgrave Place: LAWRELL John, 23 Feb 1796. LAUREL Convict Scarborough 1788, Settler at time of death

Sydney: LAYCOCK Louisa, 28 May 1796. Infant Fa: Mark Turner Convict Scarborough 1788 d.1802 Mo: Carolina Laycock

Norfolk Island: LEE George, 28 Jun 1796. Convict Admiral Barrington 1791. More details

Sydney: MASSEY William, 29 Jul 1796. Convict Surprize 1790

Sydney: McANILTY Unknown, 10 Dec 1796

Parramatta: McCARTY Charles, 3 Feb 1796. d. 1 Feb 1796. Private NSW Corps Second Fleet

Sydney: McCORMIC William, 26 Feb 1796. Convict

Sydney: McEWIN Martin, 30 Nov 1796. McKEWIN, McEWEN. Soldier. Collins: Soldier executed pursuant to the sentence of the court. At Sydney Francis Morgan, for wilful murder, with Martin McEwen (a soldier) and John Lawler (a convict), for robbing the public stores

Parramatta: McNALLY Matthew, 9 Dec 1796. Convict Executed

Sydney: McNAMEE John, 13 Apr 1796. McNAMARA Convict

Parramatta: MILES Dinah, 18 Aug 1796. MIELLS Convict Pitt 1792

Executed: MOBBS Samuel, 11 Mar 1796. Executed at Sydney Convict Matilda 1791

Norfolk Island: MOHAIR Denis, 2 Aug 1796. Convict Queen 1791

Sydney: MORGAN Francis, 30 Nov 1796. David Collins: Executed pursuant to the sentence of the court. At Sydney, Francis Morgan, for wilful murder, with Martin McEwen (a soldier) and John Lawler (a convict), for robbing the public stores. Convict arr. 1793, executed after bashing a man to death in Sydney on 18 Oct 1796 at Fort Denison

Norfolk Island: OAKLEY Mary, 27 Aug 1796. Convict Lady Juliana 1790

Norfolk Island: O’BRIEN Patrick, Jul 1796. Convict Marquis Cornwallis 1796 aka BRIEN

Sydney: PARDON Elizabeth, 26 Feb 1796. Soldiers Wife. Elizabeth MOODY Convict Lady Juliana 1790, m Joseph Prattern 24 December 1790 St Phillips Sydney. Joseph PRATTERN – PARTON – BARTON. He married as PARTON, he died 1797

Norfolk Island: PETERS James, 7 Mar 1796. Convict Neptune 1791

Norfolk Island: PETTITT John, 25 Jun 1796. PETIT Convict Scarborough 1788

Sydney: PIERCE Matthew, 21 Dec 1796. Infant

Norfolk Island: PLACE John, 6 May 1796. Convict Salamander 1791

Norfolk Island: POOR Ann, 25 Mar 1796. POWER POWELL Convict Lady Juliana 1790

Sydney: QUIN John, 1 Sep 1796. QUINN Convict Marquis Cornwallis 1796

Sydney: QUINN Phillip, 28 Jul 1796. Convict possible Boddingtons 1793

Sydney: RADFORD John, 26 May 1796. BADFORD REDFORD Convict Neptune 1790. Speared by Natives. m. Martha Bennett Convict 4 Dec 1791 Parramatta

Sydney: RAVEN Simon, 16 Oct 1796. Murdered on Sydney’s North Shore or Port Denison Convict Matilda 1791

Norfolk Island: RAYMOND George, 3 Jun 1796. Convict Scarborough 1788

Sydney: SAVILLE Sarah, 5 Jun 1796. b. At Sea Indispensable 1796 29 Mar 1796 bap: 10 May 1796. Fa: Edward Mo: Elizabeth

Sydney: SCOTNEY Charles, 25 Jul 1796. SCOLLNEY SCOTTNEY Soldier Marquis of Cornwallis 1796

Sydney: SEAMON Dennis, 23 Feb 1796. Convict

Norfolk Island: SKINNER Richard, 10 Jul 1796. Convict Salamander 1791

Sydney: SKIRVING William, 19 Mar 1796. David Collins: dysentery was the apparent cause of his death, but his heart was broken. In the hope of receiving remittances from England, which might enable him to proceed with spirit and success in farming, of which he appeared to have a thorough knowledge, he had purchased from different persons, who had ground to sell, about one hundred acres of land adjacent to the town of Sydney. He soon found that a farm near the sea-coast was of no great value. His attention and his efforts to cultivate the ground were of no avail. Remittances he received none; he contracted some little debts, and found himself neglected by that party for whom he had sacrificed the dearest connexions in life, a wife and family; and finally yielded to the pressure of this accumulated weight.

Sydney: SMITH James, 5 Jul 1796. Convict

Sydney: SMITH John, 8 Jul 1796. Sailor

Sydney: SMITH Rhoda, 8 May 1796. Infant

Parramatta: STIRLING John, 2 Feb 1796. STERLING, STERLIN, convict Surprize

Sydney: SULLIVAN Bernard, 7 Jan 1796. Surgeon mate of the Supply

Sydney: SULLIVAN Daniel, 30 Oct 1796, Soldier Sugar Cane 1793

Parramatta: SULLIVAN John, 10 Mar 1796. Shot in the act of robbery

Sydney: SUTTON Thomas, 23 Jul 1796. Convict Admiral Barrington 1791

Sydney: SWEENEY Michael, 28 May 1796. Convict Marquis Cornwallis 1796

Sydney: TURVILLE Benison, 2 Jan 1796. Carpenter of the Arthur

Sydney: WALL Moses, 7 Feb 1796. Infant

Sydney: WATSON Mary, 11 Jan 1796. Soldiers Wife, Charles Watson NSW Corps Surprize 1790

Sydney: WATSON Ann, 26 Mar 1796. Infant

Parramatta: WHELAN Mary, 20 Jan 1796. Convict

Sydney: WHITFIELD Elizabeth, 25 Apr 1796. Infant

Parramatta: WIER Thomas, 18 May 1796. Convict

Sydney: WILLAN James, 23 Apr 1796. Infant

Norfolk Island: WILLIAMS John, 9 May 1796. Convict

Sydney: WILLIAMS Thomas,  21 Jul 1796. Crushed to death by a wheel of timber carriage going over his head

Sydney: WILLIAMS Mary, 26 Mar 1796. Convict

Sydney: WILLIAMS Elizabeth, 21 Sep 1796. Settlers Wife, Murdered, Convict Elizabeth Young Mary Ann 1791, m. 11 Sep 1791 Robert Williams. Elizabeth died 19 Sep 1796

Norfolk island DeathsNorfolk Island: WOOD George, 29 Apr 1796. Convict Alexander 1788

Sydney: YOUNG Ann, 15 Mar 1796. Infant

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