Edward Vallas, NSW Corps, Britannia 1791

Edward Vallas – Vallis – Vallace was born in Middlesex, he enlisted into the NSW Corps in  in 1790 in England. He arrived in NSW aboard the Britannia 1791.

He served on Norfolk Island, arriving aboard the Supply in Oct 1796, recorded in the 1792 – 1796 Victualing book as Edward Nallis. Edward returned to Sydney aboard HMS Reliance in Mar 1796.

In Sept 1796 he was jointly granted 25 acres at Chicken and Hen Bay with James Phillips. By 1801 he was back on Norfolk Island, returning to Sydney sometime in 1803. From 1804 he was stationed at the Hawkesbury. In Mar 1810 he was transferred to Royal Veteran Company.

In 1828 Edward was recorded as the Bellringer at Parramatta, age 64 years with one assigned convict James Wood (General Hewitt 1814, Life, Ticket of Leave) as the Town Crier for Edward Vallis.

Edward Vallace (sic) was murdered by James McManus jnr at Parramatta on 6 Oct 1829, age 74, Free Bellman, buried St Johns Parramatta. CORONER’S INQUEST. HORRID MURDER:

An Inquest was held at Parramatta on Monday evening last, on the body of Edward Vallace, found murdered in the lodge of the church yard at Parramatta. The deceased resided in the place as bellman of the church and keeper of the keys. The circumstances attending this shocking event are us follow : — A man named James Macmanus, who has for some short time laboured under mental derangement, from an intemperate use of spirituous liquors, escaped from the servant in whose charge he was placed, on the Sunday evening, and was not seen by him again, until about 12 o’clock at night ; the noise of the smashing of the windows of the church, which the house nearly adjoined, gave him information that his charge was committing mischief. He ran out, and going into the churchyard, the first thing which arrested his attention, was a light in the lodge. Approaching the door, he saw Macmanus apparently sprinkling water, with both hands, on the floor; the servant reached forward and pulled the door a-jar, when Macmanus, who had just exclaimed, “I have washed my hands”, turned round, and threw the water off his hands into the servant’s face, saying, “I will wash you too.” He then sat down, and immediately afterward exclaimed, ” I have killed the devil,” upon which the servant looked down, and for the first time, saw the deceased lying dreadfully mangled on the floor. …..[1]

[1] Sydney Gazette,8 October 1829, p. 2, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article2193571

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