Elizabeth Lock, Convict, Lady Penrhyn 1788

Elizabeth Lock was born 1763. She was tried with the crime of two counts of break, enter and steal at Gloucester on 26 Mar 1783. Elizabeth was sentence to death but was commuted to 7 years transportation.  She arrived in NSW aboard the Lady Penrhyn 1788 Elizabeth was on rations in Sydney in 1788.

Elizabeth married Richard Morgan, 30 Mar 1788, St Phillips Sydney. Richard MORGAN, Convict, Alexander 1788. Crime: Assault and rob. Tried: Gloucester, 23 Mar 1785. Sentence: 7 years transportation.  Richard arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HM Supply in Jan 1790.

Elizabeth arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HMS Sirius in Mar 1790. On Norfolk Island, Elizabeth did not continue her relationship with Richard Morgan; instead she formed a relationship with Thomas SCULLY, Private, Royal Marines 38th Company, HMS Sirius 1788. Thomas arrived on Norfolk Island as a settler aboard the Atlantic in Oct 1791 as Thomas Sculley.[1] In June 1794 Elizabeth Lock was recorded as married, free, off stores with no children supported by Thomas Scully, settler.[2]

Thomas received a 60 acre land grant being Lot 72 in Apr 1791 near Queenborough, located today at Longridge along Bumbora Road on Norfolk Island. He sold a portion of 30 acres of the land for £15 to Elizabeth Gregory (most likely Elizabeth Gregory Snr) on 4 May 1795.

Another 10½ acres portion was sold to William Collins who then sold it to Thomas Gregory. Edward Fisher purchased 10½ acres of land for £8 on Norfolk Island from his future father in law, Thomas Gregory on 26 Dec 1796.  It appears that a 10 acres portion of this 60 acre property was sold to Thomas Gregory by William Claydon, and the other 10 acres had been sold by Thomas Gregory to John Oriffer (sic – ? Crooper) that seven other acres had been also been sold by Thomas Gregory to William Blatherhorn alias Fisher and 33 acres to Edward Fisher.[3]

Elizabeth Lock received rations on Norfolk island received rations til 1795. Thomas Scully left Norfolk Island aboard the Asia in Oct 1795. It is presumed that Elizabeth also went with him.

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