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Estramina April 1809 from Norfolk Island to Sydney

The Estramina left Sydney on 8 Mar 1809 for Norfolk island arriving on 22 Mar, the ship departed on 7 Apr for Sydney, arriving on 22 Apr with 12 men, 8 women and 13 children.

Hannah Barnes (wife of Richard Barnes of the 102nd Regiment) gave birth to their son Francis Barnes on the voyage to Sydney.

Sydney Gazette,  23 Apr 1809, p. 1:SHIP NEWS.Yesterday arrived His Majesty’s colonial vessel Estramina, 15 days from Norfolk Island. – Mr. Mitchell passenger.

Estramina passenger list Apr 1809 to Sydney, includes extracts from List of persons embarked on board the Estramina for Port Jackson 5 Apr 1809, SRNSW, 4/1168b, reel 763, p. 165.

Part of Detachment
Richard Barns :  1 wife and 4  children. See Richard Barnes
Frans Howe: 1 wife and 3 children> See Francis Howe. Francis received £16 remuneration for buildings that were left behind on Norfolk Island
Wm Bohannan: 1 wife and 3 children. See William Buchannan
Saml Beachy: 1 wife and 2 children. See Samuel Beachy
Thomas Self

James Mitchell
Richard Fryer  with 1 wife: A Settler of the Service Class
Thos Palmer
Joseph Evans (alias Cuckoo): A man who was 7 years in the woods of  Norfolk Island
Mary Beazley (daughter of John McCarthy and his wife Ann Beazley)
John Wheeler with one wife and 1 child
James McCarty: Sailor landed from the Mary South Whaler

A thank you to Tracey Evans for transcribing list of persons embarked on board the Estramina for Port Jackson 5 Apr 1809

102nd Regiment left in New South Wales.

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