George Clark, NSW Corps, Canada 1801

George Clark was born in Marylebone London; he arrived in NSW aboard the Canada in 1801 with the 102nd Regiment.

George travelled to Norfolk Island aboard HMS Buffalo in May 1803 holding the rank of private with other members of the NSW Corps. He returned to NSW aboard Lady Nelson in May 1806, travelling to Port Jackson. In Apr 1810 he was transferred to the 73rd Regiment with the rank of Sergeant.

George Clark names does not appear in the July 1806 or any 1807 Norfolk Island victualing book.

After serving in the 41st Foot Regiment, 73rd Foot Regiment and 102nd Foot Regiment, George was discharged at the age of 46 years in 1819.[1]

Notes from Glen Lambert: His arrival vessel according to the 1808 Description Book he was actually on the Minorca (which arrived at the same time as the Canada) also notes his original enlistment 12 May 1801 at Chatham. George Clark’s name appears on the 102nd regiment Payroll Muster Sep-Dec1807 Norfolk Island WO12_9904. It’s only in Jun-Dec 1809 that he transfers from Duncan McArthur’s Co (Norfolk Island) to 6 Co (possible Newcastle)

[1] TNA, WO 97/848/31

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