George Holligan, Convict, Albemarle 1791

George Holloghan, was sentenced to 7 years transportation at Clerkenwell, Middlesex on 14 December 1787, arriving in NSW aboard the Albemarle  in 1791. George arrived at Norfolk Island from wreck of ship Endeavour in January 1796 aboard either the Fancy or Providence.  At some time he returned to NSW and enlisted into the  NSW Corps.

He returned to Norfolk Island aboard HMS Porpoise in Jan 1801 with others of the NSW Corps. In 1802 he was records as George Halligan. He returned to NSW aboard Lady Nelson in May 1806, travelling to Port Jackson. In 1810 George Hollingan alias Holligan enlisted into the 73rd Regiment. George was transferred from the Hawkesbury to serve in Sydney in July 1810.[1]

He was discharged from the 73rd Regiment in July 1811 due to improper conduct being that he was in gaol for robbery. In July 1811 George Holloghan was transferred to Civil Power was sent as prisoner to Newcastle for 18 months.[2]

By 1822 he was back in Windsor working as a labourer, recorded as free by servitude. In 1825 George Hollagin was recorded as a pensioner living at Wilberforce. No further records found in the colony for George Hollagin / Holloghan

[1] Colonial Secretary’s Papers 1788-1825, Reel 6042; 4/1725 p.305

[2] Colonial Secretary’s Papers 1788-1825, Reel 6003; 4/3492 p.50

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