George Whittaker, Convict, Alexander 1788

George was tried at Maidstone, Kent, 17 March 1785 for assault and stealing, he received the sentence of death which commuted to 7 years transportation. He arrived in NSW aboard the Alexander 1788.

George married Mary Harrison (Convict, Lady Penrhyn 1788) as George Wittiker and Mary Harris 23 March 1788 Sydney. They both arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HMS Sirius in March 1790 with their daughter Hannah (born 1788 Sydney),

Already on Norfolk island was Mary’s son Joseph Harrison – Harris, child of a convict at the age of 14 years aboard the Lady Penrhyn 1788. He arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HM Supply in Feb 1789 and worked there as a general labourer. He left Norfolk Island aboard the Kitty for Sydney in Mar 1793. He returned to Norfolk Island as a seaman aboard the Francis in Jun 1794.

In December 1791 on Norfolk island, George was appointed by King as one of four night watchmen stationed at the narrowest pass between the beach of the middle bay and the stream of water abreast of the gate leading to the causeway at Sydney Town.[1]

In May 1794 George Whitacre was employing by the week freeman Abraham Booze, Convict Neptune 1790. In June 1794 Mary Harrison was recorded as free, married, off stores with three children (Hannah, George and Mary) supported by George Whitaker, settler.[2]

On 30 December 1796 as George Whittcar, he received a 10 acre land being Lot 56, being in his procession since 22 July 1792, which today is located at the southern end of Burnt Pine before Queen Elizabeth Drive.[3]

In May 1800 George enlisted into the NSW Corps on Norfolk Island with the rank of private. George Whitaker purchased on 4 September 1802, a 30 acres piece of land at Norfolk Island from George Plyer, this been a part of Plyer’s original 60 acre land grant of March 1791 of Lot 41, which today is located north of Cascade.[4]

George served with the NSW Corps on Norfolk Island 1801 – 1806. George and Mary family left Norfolk Island for Port Jackson with their two youngest daughters, Jane and Elizabeth aboard the Lady Nelson in May 1806, travelling to Port Jackson. George was discharged from the NSW Corps in Sydney on 3 September 1806. They returned to Norfolk Island in December 1806 and were self-sufficient and selling barley and wheat to the stores in 1807. George with a wife and three children appear on the list of settlers with their families who remove to Hobart Town on the terms proposed by Government as stated in the General Order of the 17 September 1807, however only their daughter Hannah, age 18 years did travel to Hobart aboard the Porpoise in February 1808. No further records for George, Mary and their daughters Mary and Elizabeth located in the Colony,

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