Hannah Peeling, Convict, Lady Juliana 1790

Hannah arrived in NSW aboard the Lady Juliana in 1790, arriving on Norfolk Island aboard the Surprize in Aug 1790.

Hannah Peeling, age 18 years was charged with stealing a silver watch, value 3. a steel chain, value 1s. a silver seal, value 5s at Old Bailey on 12 Dec 1787, she received a sentence of 7 years transportation.[1]

On Norfolk island she formed a relationship with Stephen Martin (Convict Alexander 1788) who had arrived on Norfolk island aboard HMS Sirius in Mar 1790.

Stephen Martin and Hannah Peeling were one of the many couples married by Reverend Richard Johnson, in Nov 1791 on Norfolk Island. By July 1791 Stephen was supporting two people and he had cleared 145 rods of his allotment, in addition to felled 45 rods of timber at Sydney Town on Norfolk Island.[2]

In 1792 Stephen Martin leased 12 acres of land being Lot 21 on Norfolk Island, today located east of Middlegate Road, north of Kingston. On Thomas Chipp’s arrival on Norfolk Island aboard the Atlantic in November 1791 as a settler, he took procession of 60 acres of land, being Lot 8 36 acres and Lot 95 24 acres, these lands were official granted to him in October 1795, and then were purchased by Stephen Martin in February 1796.[3] Lot 8 today is located in the north east of Norfolk Island along Stockyard Road, whilst the nearby Lot 95 of which in 1796 was listed as Lot 93.

Hannah received rations until 1793. In May 1794, Stephen Martin was employing for six months William Clark, a freeman, off stores for six months. In June 1794 Hannah Peeling was recorded as a convict, married, off stores with one child supported by Stephen Martin, settler.[4]

Hannah returned to Port Jackson, exact time and reason unknown, her burial is listing in St Phillips Burial registry as 27 Aug 1799, under the name of Pealing; she was buried at the Old Sydney Burial Ground. There is a memorial plaque for Hannah at the Norfolk Island Cemetery placed there by family members.

In 1805 Stephen Martin was listed on Norfolk Island, off stores and with one child (Mary) and no wife on Norfolk Island. Stephen and Hannah daughter Mary was born in 1793 and she married John Bentley (Convict, Neptune 1790) in Jan 1806 on Norfolk Island, with Mary at the time of this marriage was only 12 years old.

Both John and Mary sailed for Hobart aboard the Estramina in May 1808, but Mary actually travelled with her father Stephen Martin.  It seems that Mary did not continue her relationship with John Bentley, and most likely ceased on Norfolk Island. In Tasmania she had started a defacto relationship by 1810 with William Coventry  (Convict, Hercules 1802,) also a previous resident of Norfolk Island). After his death she was with Francis Cox. Mary died 1 Jan 1866 aged 72 years at Forest, Tasmania and buried as Mary Cox.

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