HMS Buffalo to Norfolk Island May 1803

The HMS Buffalo sailed from Port Jackson 21 Apr 1803 arriving Norfolk Island 9 May 1803 under the command of master Wm. Kent.

Sydney Gazette, 24 Apr 1803:

On Saturday the 16th Instant and two following days a number of prisoners convicted of misdemeanors, were shipped on board the Buffalo for Norfolk Island. Robert Jillet was also put on board, with Hailey, implicated in the same offence, and several of the Store Attendants, whose conduct had been such as to render them suspected. Several persons were permitted to go at their own request, some to accompany their husbands, and others from a desire of a change of air.

SHIP NEWS: Sailed on Thursday last for Norfolk Island and from thence to proceed for the Moluccas and Calcutta, His Majesty’s Ship Buffalo, Capt. W. Kent, Commander.

Passenger list – Women are listed by the maiden name
* died on Norfolk Island

Ashman, Susannah    Earl Cornwallis 1801    Convict
Barnes, Hannah (Mrs)    Royal Admiral 1800    Came Free – Soldier’s wife – see Richard Barnes
Barnes, Richard    Born in the Colony – see father Richard Barnes
Barnes, Richard    Sergeant – NSW Corps
Barnes, William    Born in the Colony
Bradshaw, Elizabeth    Hillsborough 1799    Free –  wife of Convict
Bradshaw, James    Born in the Colony
Bradshaw, Mary    Hillsborough 1799 Child – Born England
Bradshaw, William   Born in the Colony
Champion, Isaac , child of Isaac Champion of NSW Corps
Clark, Zachariah *
Coleman, Ann
Davis, Catherine    Minerva 1800   Came Free – Soldier’s wife
Davis, Evan     Minerva 1800   Private – NSW Corps
Frost, Mary    Neptune 1790    Convict see Joshua Peck
Grey, William    Born in the Colony
Hailey, James    Convict
How, Mary    Minerva 1800  Came Free – Soldier’s wife
see William Coleman and William Spears
Jillett, Robert    Hillsborough 1799     Convict
Jones, John    Glatton  1803     Convict  *
Peck, Joshua    Scarborough 1788    Convict
Peck, William    Born in the Colony – Norfolk Island, see Father:  Joshua Peck
Peck, Elizabeth    Born in the Colony, see Father: Joshua Peck
Peck, Mary Ann  Born in the Colony, see Father: Joshua Peck
Peck, Jane    Born in the Colony, see Father: Joshua Peck
Peck, Thomas    Born in the Colony, see Father: Joshua Peck
Peck, John    Born in the Colony, see Father: Joshua Peck
Spears, William    Earl Cornwallis 1801    NSW Corps
Stokes, Elizabeth    HMS Glatton 1803    Convict
Stokes, Ann  Child
Vine, Thomas    Coromandel 1802    Convict   *
Warwick, James    Matilda  1791    Convict








21 members of the NSW Corps (does not include their wives and children)

  1. Isaac Champion: Sergeant (with family)
  2. William Coleman: Private
  3. George Clark: Private
  4. Evan Davis: Private with wife Catherine
  5. John Rose: Private
  6. John Brampton: Private – see John Bampkin
  7. Michael Cunningham: Private
  8. John Davis: Private
  9. Marina Fentona: Private
  10. Henry Joiner: Private
  11. David Jones: Private
  12. Daniel Lock: Private
  13. Joseph Lunn: Private
  14. William James: Private
  15. Lawrence Lewis: Private
  16. Thomas Raynor: Private
  17. William Rhodes Private
  18. William Spears Private
  19. Martin Shockness Private
  20. Richard Barnes (NSW Corps) (with family)
  21. John Jones Private
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