John and Mary Brabyn, Marquis Cornwallis 1796

John Brabyn, Ensign of the New South Wales Corps, arrived in NSW aboard the Marquis Cornwallis 1796 with his wife and two children. They arrived on Norfolk Island aboard the Supply in Apr 1796. In Oct 1796 John Brabyn took on a land lease of 19 acres on Norfolk Island.[1] This been lot 109 today located between Harpers Road and Cascade Road north of New Cascade Road.

John Brabyn was promoted to lieutenant on 15 Aug 1800 on Norfolk Island, and he returned to Port Jackson aboard HMS Porpoise on 7 Feb 1801 with his two children. He remarried as his wife Mary had died on Norfolk Island in 1802 to Sarah Dennison at St Phillips Sydney and was involved with the removal of Governor William Bligh in January 1808. He died 1 August 1835 at Windsor. More details on John Brabyn

Mary Brabyn died 29 Apr 1796 Norfolk Island, buried Turtle Bay Burial Ground. Fragments of Mary’s headstone were all found on the western side of Emily Bay, after the sand drifted during storms.

Mary Brabyn 1796 Norfolk islandThe first large section was found in 1978 by Ian Kenny and other smaller pieces were also found in 1990 by Robert Tofts.

Her headstone today is displayed at the Norfolk Island Museum, in the Commissariat Store, on the corner of Middlegate Road and Quality Row, in the lower level of the All Saints Church.

Mary’s arrival and death are recorded in the Norfolk Island 1792 – 1796 Victualling book, however there are no entries for John nor their two children.

[1] Colonial Secretary Papers 1788-1825, NSW,  Fiche 3267, 9/2731 p.76

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