John Howell: Marine Charlotte 1788

John HOWELL, Private – Royal Marines 15th (Plymouth) Company, Charlotte 1788.

He served with Captain-Lieutenant Meredith’s Company as part of the Port Jackson Garrison.

John arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HMS Sirius in March 1790, disembarking from HMS Sirius after she was wrecked on 19 March. By June 1794, John was listed as living with Mary EATON (one of Mary Shepherd’s aliases, convict, First Fleet 1788), John was a Free Settler, having resigned from the Marines on Norfolk Island. Their daughter Mary Shepherd was born in Dec 1793, she died 1 Feb 1794.

John Howell was officially granted 60 acres of land on Norfolk Island by Governor Hunter on 23 Mar 1796, which John had procession of the land since February 1792.  The land being Lot 12 was sold to James Sheers before Dec 1796, mostly likely before John Howell left Norfolk Island in November 1794. Today this land is located to the eastern side of Cascade Road near Christian’s Lane.[1]

John enlisted into the NSW Corps in Oct 1794 on Norfolk Island. John and Mary returned to Sydney aboard the Daedalus in Nov 1794.

John and Mary were married 30 June 1795 St Phillips Sydney, both signing their names. The witnesses were Thomas Chipp and his wife Jane Chipp (nee Langley) who had married on Norfolk island in November 1791.

John was discharged from the NSW Corps in June 1800 in Sydney; he quickly relisted and returned to Norfolk Island in July 1800 aboard the Hunter with Joseph Foveaux NSW Corps Company now serving with the rank of Sergeant.

1802 – 1805 John Howell: Norfolk Island NSW Corps. The departed Norfolk Island aboard the Union on 1 March 1805. On returning to NSW he continued serving with Joseph Foveaux Corps Company.

Both John and Mary left the colony aboard the Hindostan in May 1810. John serving in the 102nd Foot Regiment; Royal Marines Plymouth was discharged aged 52 after 29 years of service on 13 August 1811.[2]

[1] SRNSW Colonial Secretary’s Papers 1788-1828, Fiche 3267; 9/2731 p.70.

[2] TNA, WO 121/114/114.

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