John Robinson, NSW Corps, Royal Admiral 1792

John Robinson born Oxford England enlisted into the NSW Corps 6 Mar 1791 in England, and almost immediately was board the Royal Admiral for its voyage to NSW.

Whilst the Royal Admiral was docked at Gravesend 20 soldiers from the NSW Corps joined her on May 14. However records on exact numbers do vary – David Collins wrote 1 Serg. 1 Corp. 19 privates belonging to the NSW Corps as arriving on the Royal Admiral.

This group consisted of:
James Archer – Corporal
John Burt
Michael Collins
Thomas Cumberlidge
John Hammond
Henry Hughes
John Malone
James Parr
John Robinson
Thomas Whittle – Sergeant
William Wilkins
Donald Kennedy was a convict, it seems he was assigned to the Corp before travelling to NSW.  Australia.

In Sydney John Robinson was appointed to Captain Johnston’s Company of the NSW Corps. He travelled to Norfolk Island HMS Porpoise in Mar 1801.  John served as a private in the NSW Corps on Norfolk Island until his departure for Sydney aboard the Lady Nelson in July 1805.

On his return to Sydney he was assigned to NSW Corps at Cabramatta. In Aug 1806 Mary Hughes (Convict Sugar Cane 1793) was living with John Robinson. In Apr 1810 John was transferred to the 73rd Regiment.

John Robinson was discharged in 1828 after service in the 73rd Foot Regiment.[1]

[1] TNA, WO 121/218/794

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