John Stone, NSW Corps, Second Fleet 1790

John Stone was a private in the NSW Corps he was located in NSW before Mar 1791 when he deserted the corps, being recovered a month later. John married Dinah Miell/Miles (Convict, Pitt 1792) 9 Mar 1795 at St Johns Parramatta with the permission of Captain William Patterson.

Their son Robert Maell (Miles) was born May 1793 Parramatta region, baptised 1793 St Johns Parramatta. In 1795 he held a land grant at North Brush in Field of Mars district (Ryde).

Dinah Miles, convict died Oct 1796, buried 18 Oct 1796 at St Johns Parramatta. In 1798 John was assigned to Joseph Foveaux NSW Corps Company. He travelled to Norfolk Island aboard HMS Porpoise, leaving Sydney on 20 Dec 1800 with the rank of private.

John Stone left the colony, returning to England from Sydney aboard the Calcutta in Mar 1804. What became of his son Robert is not known, he was not on Norfolk island with his father 1800 – 1803.

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