John Whitehouse, NSW Corps, Marquis Cornwallis 1796

John Whitehouse enlisted into the NSW Corps in England and arrived in NSW aboard the Marquis Cornwallis 1796, with the rank of private. At some time he was sent to Norfolk Island returning to aboard HMS Reliance in Dec 1799.

He returned to Norfolk island with the NSW Corps aboard HMS Porpoise in Jan 1801, he travelled back to NSW aboard the Union, arriving in Sydney 4 Mar 1804.

John was discharged from the NSW Corps in Sydney on 7 Apr 1804, he returned to Norfolk Island as a free settler aboard the Francis in May 1804 and he accepted conditional offer of farm to be vacated by settlers on transfer to Port Dalrymple.[1]

Norfolk Island Lieutenant Governor Foveaux received communications from Sydney regarding John Whitehouse been allowed to settle on Norfolk Island:

14 August 1804: Respecting Whitehouse (John) and Fletcher (Anthony), if they chose to occupy any of the vacated Lands on Norfolk Island I see no objection to their having that advantage, but the Term of their being victualled, and the assistance, ought to be proportionally diminished; But should they prefer returning here on their original Terms and going from hence to any of the New Settlements, they may be allowed to return.

September 1804: As Whitehouse (John) & Fletcher (Anthony) went to Norfolk Island before I received the Minister’s Instructions and considering that they were there; & might be useful among those who remained; I signified that I had no objection “If they chose to occupy any of the vacated Lots”. But such occupancy could only be with your Verbal Possession as no Second Grant can be given, or the old Grant transferred when the Surrender is made. You will therefore inform them of this Circumstance; as no more Grants of Land can be given on the Island. It is optional with them to return here or go to Port Dalrymple – Fletcher may be useful to himself and Government in that place as a Stone Mason.[2]

In 1805 John Whitehouse was recorded on Norfolk Island as a free man on stores and been sent from Port Jackson to settle.

John Whitehouse departed Norfolk Island in Sept 1808, leaving behind 6 acres of land on Norfolk Island, for VDL aboard the City of Edinburgh, with no family members, which from Norfolk she sailed with 254 passengers, with their property, for Hobart, where she arrived the 5th of October, with a very acceptable supply of salt provisions shipped here by Government for the use of His Majesty’s Settlement at Hobart Town.[3]

John Whitehouse, invalid, died 2 Feb 1836, age 78 years, New Norfolk VDL.

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