Jonathan Price, Convict, Atlantic 1791

He enlisted into the NSW Corps in 1800 Sydney. He arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HMS Porpoise in January 1801, serving with the102nd Foot Regiment on Norfolk Island until his departure aboard the Lady Nelson in March 1810.

Whilst on Norfolk Island he also was a farmer selling wheat, swine flesh (pork) and mutton to the government stores. Johnathon also received remuneration for buildings left behind, on vacating Norfolk Island

As John Price, Private 73rd Regiment, he married Sarah Bott 11 June 1810, St Phillips Sydney. Sarah Bott, Convict, Earl Cornwallis 1801 had been with John Davis, a member of the NSW Corps on Norfolk Island and from 1804 in Sydney.

Johnathon Price is not to be confused with another John Price, age 37 years, Private 73rd Regt, who died April 1811 Sydney, buried 21 April 1811 Old Sydney Burial Ground.

John and Sarah Price returned to England with the 73rd Foot Regiment aboard the General Hewitt, in Mar 1814 for duty in Ceylon. In 1817 his was discharged as John Price, born Lewis Sussex, serving in 73rd Foot Regiment and 102nd Foot Regiment, discharged at 45 years old. In May 1818 John Price, as a former soldier in 73rd Regiment, he was granted permission to return to Australia with his family as free settlers. They arrived on the General Stewart, December 1818.[1]

In 1828 John Price, was recorded as age 59 years, Shopkeeper and pensioner, Kent St Sydney with his wife Sarah Price, age 41 years and family. Sarah Price died July 1831 Sydney, aged 48 years, buried Devonshire Street Cemetery Sydney.

[1] TNA, WO 97/854/87; SRNSW Colonial Secretary’s Papers 1788-1825, Fiche 3029; 4/1825A p.419.

For Sarah Bott children please see Norfolk Island Baptisms, Burials and Marriages 1801 – 1806

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