Joseph Lewis, Marine, Alexander 1788

Joseph was born c1762 at Withington near Hereford in England. As a private of the Royal Marines 11th (Portsmouth) Company, he arrived in NSW aboard the Alexander 1788.

He served with Captain Shea’s Company as part of the Port Jackson Garrison Joseph was sent to Norfolk Island aboard HM Supply in June 1789, on board were 15 marines and no convicts.

Marine Joseph Lewis was granted 60 acres of land on Norfolk Island in February 1792 being Lot 23; between Heritage and Proctor land grants. He sold this land to Charles Grimes, the deputy surveyor for £47.5s. The land was purchased by ex-convict Richard Stanley, who sold the land to James Sheers, the sixty acres of land at Norfolk Island was sold jointly to John Lockley and William Clark (sic) for £50 on 10 October 1797. Today this land is located just north of KAVHA, east of Middlegate Road on Norfolk Island.[1]

Mollie Gillen wrote: He (Joseph Lewis) and left with a wife for Port Jackson to join the NSW Corps.[2] Joseph Lewis left Norfolk Island as a Marine Settler aboard the Daedalus in Nov 1794, no possible wife has been found in any primary records on Norfolk Island or the Daedalus shipping List.

In Sydney immediately enlisted into the NSW Corps, being discharged in Oct 1799, he re-enlisted in June 1800. He travelled to Norfolk Island aboard the Hunter in July 1800 with the Joseph Foveaux NSW Corps Company. Joseph served on Norfolk Island with the rank of private, until his departure on the Lady Nelson for Port Jackson, with Private 102nd Regiment in Apr 1810. Travelling with him was Ann Frazier who had been on Norfolk Island since c1808.

Joseph Lewis, Bachelor of Sydney, a private of the Private 102nd Regiment, marked his name with an X, when he married Ann Frazier, a widow of Sydney, 26 Apr 1810, St Philips Sydney. Ann Farzier also marked her name with a X. The witnesses were fellow member of the 102nd Regiment Thomas Asbury, Mary Spear and Thomas Taber.

Joseph (and possible Ann) left the colony aboard the returning to England aboard the Hindostan in May 1810. In 1811 Joseph Lewis was with 5th Veteran Battalion, he was discharged in 1814 age 50 years, after 29 years of service with the Portsmouth Marines, 102nd Foot Regiment and 5th Royal Veteran Battalion.[3]

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