Lawrence Lewis, NSW Corps, Britannia 1798

Lawrence Lewis, born Dublin 1772. He enlisted into the 102nd regiment in 1796 in England, traveling to NSW aboard the Britannia in 1798.

He first travelled to Norfolk Island aboard HMS Reliance in Nov 1799, at some stage he returned to Sydney. Then again travelled to Norfolk Island aboard HMS Buffalo in May 1803 as a private in the NSW Corps, departing Norfolk Island aboard the Investigator for Sydney in Feb 1805. He then assigned to Newcastle.

Lawrence was discharged for stealing by civic power in Nov 1808 and received a colonial sentence of death which was commuted to life. At the time he was a a servant of Lieutenant Laycock, he was was indicted for robbing his master of cash (in notes) to the amount of £30. [1]

In Dec 1808 he received clemency on the judgement of death and was sentence to life. In May 1810 Lawrence was missing from his assigned duties recorded as Lawrence Lewis, late Lieutenant Masters’ servant, of the 102d Regiment. [2] By 1814 he was a labourer at Liverpool, with a ticket of leave.

In August 1821 he was charged with Stealing goods of William Fox and Jem, an Otahetian and sentence to 12 months hard labour.[3]

Lawrence Lewis, ticket of leave convict, ex Britannia died in 1855 at Parramatta.[4]He is most likely buried at St Johns cemetery Parramatta in an unmarked grave.

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