Michael Cox, Convict, Minerva 1800

Michael Cox was born 1775 Cork Ireland. He was a member of the Irish Rebel. Tried: 1798 Cork , age 24 years. Sentence: Life transportation arriving in NSW aboard the Minerva 1800. He arrived on Norfolk Island pre January 1802.

He died on 26 Sept 1804 on Norfolk Island. There is no burial listed for Michael Cox in in the Rev Fulton burial records.

… labour, want of sufficient food, the protracted endurance of wet, cold, and hunger, and if a word, or even a breath of complaint, reaches the ears of your cruel task-masters, the flesh is cut from your back, and you are worked with double severity. I think that the usage I have seen men receive in Norfolk Island exceeds in cruelty anything that can be credited. There was, in particular, one poor young man named Michael Cox, from the County of Cork: he was compelled to walk about and work with a chain, weighing twelve pounds, on his leg, and while labouring under a dysentery was driven up to his middle in the sea, and obliged to bring heavy packages ashore. He soon became too weak for work, and too late had his irons knocked off. Cox died in a few days after, and I hope he obtained forgiveness for his crimes, whatever they may have been, and mercy in Heaven; for no clemency was extended to him in Norfolk Island. [1]

[1] Thomas Crofton Croker (ed), Memoirs of Joseph Holt: Volume 2, London, 1838, p. 228.

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