Norfolk island

Norfolk Island first landing party March 1788

Norfolk Island Foundation dayEach year on 6 March, Norfolk Island celebrate “Foundation Day”, the day in 1788 when Lt Philip Gidley King landed on Norfolk Island to establish the first European settlement on the Island,  leaving Port Jackson 15 Feb 1788 aboard  HM Supply.

  • Lieut. Philip Gidley King — Commandant
  • James Cunningham – Midshipman – master’s mate of HMS Sirius
  • Thomas Jamison – Surgeon, 1st Mate of Sirius
  • John Turnpenny Altree – Assistant Surgeon, Lady Penrhyn surgeon
  • Roger Morley/Murley – Seaman Sirius
  • William Westbrook – Ship’s carpenter HMS Sirius
  • Charles Heritage – Ship Marine HMS Sirius
  • John Batchelor – Ship Marine HMS Sirius
  • John Williams – Convict Charlotte then transferred to the Scarborough
  • Charles McClellan – Convict Alexander
  • Nathaniel Lucas – Convict Scarborough
  • Edward Garth – Convict Scarborough
  • John Mortimore – Convict Charlotte
  • Noah Mortimore – Convict Charlotte
  • Edward Westlake – Convict Charlotte
  • Richard Widdicombe – Convict Charlotte
  • John Rice – Convict Charlotte
  • Ann Inett – Convict Lady Penrhyn
  • Elizabeth Colley – Convict Lady Penrhyn 
  • Elizabeth Lee – Convict Lady Penrhyn
  • Elizabeth Hipsley – Convict Lady Penrhyn
  • Olive Gascoigne – Convict Lady Penrhyn
  • Susan Gough- Convict Friendship

An Historical Journal of the Transactions at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island, by John Hunter:  In the middle of this month (Feb 1788), Lieutenant King of the Sirius, a master’s mate, and surgeon’s mate, with four other men from the ship, together with a few men and women convicts, embarked on board the Supply armed tender, and she sailed with them for Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Island landing Place 1788

Image: Monument for First Landing Party site March 1788, Kingston Norfolk Island

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