Roger Murley, able seaman, HMS Sirius 1788

At the age of 34 years Roger Murley joined HMS Sirius at Deptford on 8 Dec 1786, with the birth place of Beaminster Dorest noted on HMS Sirius ships muster.

He travelled to Norfolk Island aboard HM Supply  as a member of the first landing party on 6 Mar 1788, leaving Port Jackson aboard HM Supply 15 Feb 1788. Philip King recorded Roger in his journal as Mr Roger Morley (sic) an Adventurer, had been a Master Weaver.[1]

Roger acted as a constable an storekeeper on Norfolk Island.  After 11 months of been stranded on Norfolk Island, the HMS Sirius’s Ships officers and company sailed for Sydney aboard HM Supply on 12 Feb 1791, arriving at Port Jackson on 26 Feb, including some Marines and HMS Sirius and other ships crew members of 1788 who arrived on Norfolk Island prior to the shipwreck including Roger Murely.[2]

He then left the Colony with other crew members of the late HMS Sirius, aboard the Waaksamheid to England in Mar 1791. On 27 Apr 1792 Roger Murley was discharged from the books of the late HMS Sirius and transferred to HMS Duke as like many others crew members of the late HMS Sirius.

[1] King, Philip Gidley. Journal of Philip Gidley King: Lieutenant, R.N. 1787-1790.

[2] HM Tender Supply Muster February 1791 from Norfolk Island to Port Jackson, TNA – Accounting Departments Ships’ Musters; Series I ADM 36/10981 Reel 7006

Norfolk Island landing Place 1788

Image: Monument for First Landing Party site March 1788, Kingston Norfolk Island

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