Sirius Museum Norfolk Island

Six of the one and half a Dozen of the other: 1790

Ralph Clark wrote on Saturday 24th March 1790 after the ship wreck of the Sirius on Norfolk Island:

A great Surf on the Reef – Captain Hunter and Johnstone Lieuts Creswell and Johnstone went to Mount Pitt today.

Majr. Ross discovers that Captain Hunters Servants (and he believes his own Servants has Some hand it) have drunk or made away with all his Rum which he has been able to Save out of the Sirius.

Off all the places in the World this is the greatest nest for Rascals it is impossible to trust any one of our men hardly much more any of the Convicts in Short there is no difference between Soldier Sailor or Convicts there Six of the one and half a Dozen of the other.

Old Elliock was a man Majr. Ross placed the greatest confidence in and he and Ancott have Repaid the Major for the Confidence he placed in them as all Rascals Repay good Masters – he has turned them both of as has Captain Hunter his black Villian

Sirius Museum Norfolk Island
Sirius Museum Norfolk Island features one of the anchor from the shipwreck

History Lovers Holiday – Norfolk Island

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