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Elizabeth Lee, Convict, Lady Penrhyn 1788

The good behaviour of  Elizabeth Colley, Elizabeth Lee and Elizabeth Hippseley on the voyage aboard the Lady Penrhyn  was recorded by Surgeon Bowes, and all three recommended by Bowes on 30 Jan 1788 to be members of the party to be sent to Norfolk Island. All three women travelled to Norfolk Island aboard HM Supply arriving in Mar 1788 on 6 Mar 1788, leaving Port Jackson aboard HM Supply 15 Feb 1788.

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Joshua Peck, Convict Charlotte 1788.

Joshua Peck was charged with the crime of stealing, tried: Exeter Devon, Mar 1786, sentence: 7 years transportation. He arrived in NSW aboard the Charlotte 1788

Joshua lived on Norfolk Island, twice during the Island’s 1st Settlement. He first arrived on Norfolk Island aboard the Golden Grove, Oct 1788, leaving Norfolk island in 1793 aboard the Chesterfield and returning once again to Norfolk Island with his family aboard HMS  Buffalo in May 1803.

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Richard Widdicombe, Convict, Charlotte 1788

Richard was baptised June 1764 at Buckfastleigh, Devon, England, son of William and Jane Widdicombe, At Exeter, he was sentence to 7 years transportation on 20 Mar 1786 for stealing a wooden winch and other goods.

He arrived in NSW aboard the Charlotte  in Jan 1788. Richard was a member of the first land party on Norfolk Island on 6 Mar 1788, travelling to Norfolk island aboard HM Supply.

In the middle of this month (14 Feb 1788), Lieutenant King of the Sirius, a master’s mate, and surgeon’s mate, with four other men from the ship, together with a few men and women convicts, embarked on board the Supply armed tender, and she sailed with them for Norfolk Island.[1]

 Each year on 6 Mar, Norfolk Island celebrates Foundation Day, which is a Norfolk Island public holiday, the day in 1788 when Lt Philip Gidley King landed on Norfolk Island to establish the first European settlement on Norfolk Island.

Richard was saved from drowning on 6 Aug 1788 whilst on way out to HM Supply on her return journey to Norfolk Island, Newton Fowell, HMS Sirius 1788 wrote:

The Last Account I heard of Widdicombe he was well but very narrowly escaped drowning in the Boat at Norfolk Island he was the only person saved out of 5. One of them was a Midshipman belonging to this Ship. [2]

In July 1791 Richard had 1 acre of land at Sydney Town (Kingston). [3] Richard left Norfolk Island aboard the Chesterfield in Mar 1793, he was on the stores for his entire time on Norfolk Island. No further records found in the Colony regarding Richard Widdicombe. He most likely stayed with Chesterfield for it journey to Bengal India as his sentence had expired.

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[2] Letter received by John Fowell from Newton Fowell, 5 January 1789, ML, SAFE / MLMSS 4895 / 1 / 19, CY 1206

[3] An account of grounds belonging to Convicts on Norfolk Island, July 1791, AJCP PRO CO/201/9 p. 27b.

Norfolk Island landing Place 1788

Image: Monument for First Landing Party site March 1788, Kingston Norfolk Island

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