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William Bell, Convict, Scarborough 1788

William was born c1760 in Warwickshire England. He was sentence to death for assaulting John Drain on the King’s Highway, on the 21st of Decr last, and putting him in fear and danger of his life, and feloniously taking from his person and against his will, two linen handkerchiefs, value 6 d. two linen shirts, value 4 s. two pair of thread stockings value 12 d. two linen stock, value 12 d. one pillow bier, value 6 d and one striped linen waistcoat, value 6 d. the property of James Haywood. Continue reading

William Llewellyn, NSW Corps, Albemarle 1791

William Llewellyn was born Westminster England, he enlisted into the NSW Corps as a private in March 1791 arriving in NSW aboard the Albemarle 1791.

He travelled to Norfolk Island most likely aboard the Hunter in July 1800 with Joseph Foveaux NSW Corps Company. William returned to NSW aboard HMS Buffalo in October 1805.

William then served in the Hawkesbury region before returning to England aboard the Hindostan in May 1810.

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William Coleman, NSW Corps, Minerva 1800

William Coleman arrived in NSW aboard Minerva in 1800. He arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HMS Buffalo in May 1803 as a private of the 102nd Regiment. Also aboard HMS Buffalo was his common law wife Mary Howe (Free, Minerva 1800) and her future husband William Spears. Its seems that Mary How upon arrival on Norfolk Island was with William Spears.

William returned to NSW aboard the Union in Mar 1805 and was then stationed at Parramatta. He returned to England aboard the Hindostan in May 1810, when the NSW Corps was withdrawn.

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Thomas Newton, NSW Corps, 2nd Fleet

Thomas was born in Scotland, he enlisted in the NSW Corps in June 1789 in England, he arrived in NSW with the second fleet.

He travelled to Norfolk Island aboard HMS Porpoise in Jan 1801. He served as a private with the 102nd regiment on Norfolk Island until his departure aboard the Lady Nelson in Apr 1810. Thomas left the colony returning to England aboard the Hindostan in May 1810.

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