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Richard Barnes, Corporal, NSW Corps, Royal Admiral 1800

Richard Barnes who held the rank of Corporal in the NSW Corps arrived in NSW 22 Nov 1800 in the colony on the Royal Admiral‘s 2nd voyage to Australia.[1] The 1801 muster features Corporal Richard Barnes and his wife Hannah Barnes of Sydney, free, arrived Royal Admiral. This entry may have led to the confusion by some researchers that they arrived on the Royal Admiral in 1792, as there is no notion was entered stating which year (1792 or 1800) or the voyage I or II. Continue reading

Michael Cunningham, NSW Corps, Hercules 1802

Michael was born c1784 Clonakilty, Cork. He arrived in NSW aboard the Hercules in June 1802 as a private in the NSW Corps. He arrived on Norfolk Island as a private aboard HMS Buffalo in May 1803, leaving Norfolk Island aboard the Investigator for Sydney.in February 1805.

In March 1810, he was transferred to the 73rd Regiment and promoted to Sergeant in April 1810, after which he served in Port Dalrymple VDL, He left the colony for Ceylon, aboard the Wyndham in April 1814.

On his discharge in 1820 in England, his age was recorded as 36 years; with service 1798-1820 in 102nd,  73rd; 16th Foot; 55th Foot Regiments between 1798-1820.[1]

[1] TNA, WO 97/848/108.

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