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William Llewellyn, NSW Corps, Albemarle 1791

William Llewellyn was born Westminster England, he enlisted into the NSW Corps as a private in March 1791 arriving in NSW aboard the Albemarle 1791.

He travelled to Norfolk Island most likely aboard the Hunter in July 1800 with Joseph Foveaux NSW Corps Company. William returned to NSW aboard HMS Buffalo in October 1805.

William then served in the Hawkesbury region before returning to England aboard the Hindostan in May 1810.

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Daniel Lock, NSW Corps, Barwell 1798

Daniel enlisted into the 102nd regiment in Nov 1796 England, arriving in NSW aboard the Barwell 1798. Daniel arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HMS Buffalo in May 1803, departing Norfolk Island aboard the Investigator for Sydney in Feb 1805. After which he was appointed to Newcastle.

In Apr 1810 Daniel was transferred to the 73rd Regiment and stationed at Parramatta. Daniel departed NSW for duty in Ceylon aboard  the Earl Spencer in Jan 1814.

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James Nixon, NSW Corps

James Nixon, born Northumberland England. Private in NSW Corps. He listed into the NSW Corps 25 July 1800 Sydney at the age of 28. He travelled to Norfolk island aboard HMS Porpoise in March 1801. James was on Norfolk Island from 1801 to October 1805.

1802 – 1804 James Nixon: Private in NSW Corps on Norfolk Island. James departed Norfolk Island taking with him, Mary and two surviving children (Robert and Mary) aboard HMS Buffalo in October 1805

In 1806 James was living in Sydney with defacto and mother of his children born on Norfolk Island, Mary Flynn listed as his house keeper (Convict Minerva 1800). James was stationed in the Hawkesbury region in 1809.

Afterwards he was transferred to the 73rd Regiment in October 1810, and was stationed first at Parramatta (1810), then Hobart (1810 – 1813). James left NSW aboard the Wyndham in Apr 1814 and then he was stationed at Ceylon (Sri Lanka) until December 1815. He was discharged from the 73rd Regiment in England in 1818, at the age of 46 years as an out pensioner of Chelsea Hospital. James returned to Australia aboard the Hibernia in 1819 with no family as a discharged soldier from the 73rd regiment and applied for permission to become a free settler.[1]

1820: 1st district Police Constable in Sydney, a position he held until at least 1823.[2]  There is no listing in the 1828 Census for James Nixon or Nickson.

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