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Lawrence Lewis, NSW Corps, Britannia 1798

Lawrence Lewis, born Dublin 1772. He enlisted into the 102nd regiment in 1796 in England, traveling to NSW aboard the Britannia in 1798.

He first travelled to Norfolk Island aboard HMS Reliance in Nov 1799, at some stage he returned to Sydney. Then again travelled to Norfolk Island aboard HMS Buffalo in May 1803 as a private in the NSW Corps, departing Norfolk Island aboard the Investigator for Sydney in Feb 1805. He then assigned to Newcastle. Continue reading

William Spears, NSW Corps, Earl Cornwallis 1801

William SPEARS – SPEERS, born Somerset England, he arrived in NSW as a private with the NSW Corps aboard the Earl Cornwallis in 1801. In Sydney he had common law relationship with Sarah Robinson (convict Earl Cornwallis 1801), they had two children.

He was assigned to Norfolk Island arriving aboard HMS Buffalo in May 1803 as a private in the NSW Corps, Sarah Robinson remained in Sydney. Also aboard HMS Buffalo was his future wife Mary How/e, who had been with William Coleman of the NSW Corps. Both William Spears and Mary How/e arrived in NSW aboard the Minerva in 1800.  She gave birth to birth to a son James How in Mar 1804, with William Spears recorded at the father. Continue reading

William Rhodes, NSW Corps, Ganges 1797

William was born in York England. He enlisted into the 102nd regiment in August 1796 in Savoy England arriving in NSW aboard the Ganges in 1797

He arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HMS Buffalo in May 1803 as a private in the NSW Corps. He left Norfolk Island for Sydney aboard the Investigator in Feb 1805. On 24 Apr 1810 he was transferred to the 73rd Regiment. William left NSW for duty in Ceylon aboard the Wyndham in Apr 1814.

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John Foreman, Convict, Albemarle 1791

John Foreman born c1764 Greenwich Kent. On 14 July 1790 at Old Bailey was indicted for burglariously and feloniously breaking and entering the dwelling-house of William Dawes, about the hour of two in the night, on the 4th of June last, and burglariously stealing therein an iron roasting jack, value 12 d. twenty pounds weight of old iron, value 1 s. one brass pottage pot, value 12 d. and one padlock, value 6 d. and one staple, value 1 d. his property. He was sentenced to 7 years transportation.[1] He arrived in NSW aboard the Albemarle in 1791. Continue reading