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Norfolk island

Our New Home: HM Supply Norfolk Island December 1789 and January 1790

Our New Home: HM Supply Norfolk Island December 1789 and January 1790 continues our series of publications covering the 1st Settlement of Norfolk Island 1788 – 1814, being a collation and biography on all the people and children who arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HM Supply in both December 1789 and January 1790.

This ebook includes the story of their life on Norfolk Island and the next generation. The research includes consulting journals, shipping records, victualling books, musters, colonial crime, land records and a large range of other primary records and contemporary writings related to Norfolk Island, NSW and Tasmania. Continue reading

supply 1790

HM Supply Norfolk Island March 1790

HM Supply Norfolk Island March 1790 includes index of the ship’s muster for the voyage to and from Norfolk island in March 1790 and a full biography of the Marines, Convicts and Convict children sent to Norfolk Island on 5 March from Port Jackson and the next generation, in addition to the passengers of the return voyage to Port Jackson, including some crew of the late HMS Sirius.

Until 25 February 2017 with all orders of  HM Supply Norfolk Island March 1790 a $5.00 donation will be given to the Dunn Lewis Foundation More details

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