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HMS Sirius Crew not aboard the ship for the voyage to Norfolk Island March 1790

Not all the assigned crew members and ship’s marines were aboard HMS Sirius for the March 1790 voyage to Norfolk Island, they are noted in HMS Sirius muster by not being mustered on 20 March 1790 on Norfolk Island after the day after the shipwreck, but being mustered in April 1790 at Port Jackson. Continue reading

Norfolk Island First Settlement

Culprits on Norfolk Island: Golden Grove October 1788

Culprits on Norfolk Island: Golden Grove October 1788

Golden Grove 1788A collation and bibliography on the people who arrived on Norfolk Island aboard the Golden Grove in October 1788, including their life on Norfolk Island and their next generation.

In addition to consulting journals, shipping records, victualling books, musters, land records and a large range of primary records related to Norfolk Island, NSW and Tasmania. Continue reading

Norfolk Island Deaths 1788 to 1814

Thomas HeadingtonThere are over 260 deaths during the first settlement of Norfolk Island.

This CDrom history resource features complete details on each person and their family.

The first death on Norfolk Island was the drowning on 15 June 1788 of First Fleeter John Batchelor, a member of the Royal Marines 55th Portsmouth Company, who arrived in NSW, aboard the Sirus 1788. He was a member of the first landing party on Norfolk Island on 6 March 1788. His body washed up a week later and he was buried near the flagstaff.

Norfolk island deathsThis CDrom resource features complete details on each person and their family.

Over six years of research is behind this comprehensive death and burial list.

Includes some general Norfolk Island shipping records and photos of headstones.

Until 25 February 2017 with all orders of  Norfolk Island Deaths 1788 to 1814 a $5.00 donation will be given to the Dunn Lewis Foundation More details

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Examples of listings:

VALE, John: Died 6 May 1812 Norfolk Island Hospital
Convict Royal Admiral 1800.
Tried: Southhampton, 5 March 1798. Sentence: Life.
John arrived on Norfolk Island pre 1802.
1802.: Male Convict. 1805 Muster: Male convict on stores. Occupation: Miller.
1812: Admitted to Norfolk Island Civil Hospital on 29 April 1812 with dysentery.

WRAY, Harriet: Died 3 December 1807
Convict Royal Admiral 1792, aged 17 years.
Crime: Highway Robbery. Tried: first Middlesex Jury, 28 March 1792.
Sentence: 7 years transportation. Harriett was transfer to the Royal Admiral from Newgate.
Harriett was living on Norfolk Island by June 1801, as she was a witness to the marriage of William Hutchinson (Convict Hillsborough 1799) and Mary Cooper alias Chapman, (Convict Britannia 1798) on 26 June 1801 Norfolk Island, with her name recorded as Harriet Ray.
1802: Women convict departed Norfolk Island 2 April 1802, she returned to Norfolk on 24 July 1802 and she was re-victualed as a free woman, sentence expired.
However in 1805 Muster, Harriet is listed as a Female convict on stores.headstone 1807 Norfolk island

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Ships to Norfolk Island 1788 – 1791

HM Supply: 28 Feb 1788          1st Landing Party 6 Mar 1788
HM Supply: 28 Jul 1788           Carried stores only
Golden Grove: 13 Oct 1788     Marines, male and female convicts
HM Supply: 2 Mar 1789             Male and Female Convicts and children Continue reading