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Edward Vallas, NSW Corps, Britannia 1791

Edward Vallas – Vallis – Vallace was born in Middlesex, he enlisted into the NSW Corps in  in 1790 in England. He arrived in NSW aboard the Britannia 1791.

He served on Norfolk Island, arriving aboard the Supply in Oct 1796, recorded in the 1792 – 1796 Victualing book as Edward Nallis. Edward returned to Sydney aboard HMS Reliance in Mar 1796. Continue reading

John and Mary Brabyn, Marquis Cornwallis 1796

John Brabyn, Ensign of the New South Wales Corps, arrived in NSW aboard the Marquis Cornwallis 1796 with his wife and two children. They arrived on Norfolk Island aboard the Supply in Apr 1796. In Oct 1796 John Brabyn took on a land lease of 19 acres on Norfolk Island.[1] This been lot 109 today located between Harpers Road and Cascade Road north of New Cascade Road. Continue reading

James Archer, NSW Corps, Royal Admiral 1792

James was born Halifax, Yorkshire England. He arrived in NSW aboard the Royal Admiral in 1792 as a corporal. He arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HM Supply in Apr 1796. By 1798 he held the rank of private with Captain Townson’s Company. He retunrd to NSW and travlled back to Norfolk island aboard HMS Porpoise in Jan 1801.

He returned to NSW aboard the Union in Mar 1805, and then stationed at South Head and Parramatta, returning to England aboard the Hindostan in May 1810. when the NSW Corps was withdrawn. James was discharged in 1811, aged 57 years, after 35 years 8 months of service in the 10th Foot Regiment and 102nd Foot Regiment.[1]

[1] TNA, WO 121/115/86



Joseph Lunn, NSW Corps, Surprize 1790

Joseph Lunn enlisted into the NSW Corps in June 1789 in England, he arrived in NSW aboard the Surprize in 1790. He first travelled to Norfolk Island aboard HM Supply in April 1791 with Captain William Hill and returned to Port Jackson aboard the Daedalus in November 1794. Joseph returned to Norfolk Island aboard HM Supply in October 1796. He returned to NSW once again and made his third voyage to Norfolk island aboard HMS Buffalo in May 1803. Continue reading

George Collins: Convict Royal Admiral 1792

Crime: Theft. Tried: 21 Mar 1792, Surrey Assizes at Kingston-upon-Thames, 7 years transportation.

Joseph Dyer, Andrew McManus, George Collins and James Brown were charged as “incorrigible rogues and vagabonds, Persons of Evil Disposition & not having any visible means of honest subsistence … ” They were found guilty and sentenced to three years’ hard labour at Norfolk Island.[1] Continue reading