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John Armsworth – Harmsworth, Child of Marine, Prince of Wales 1788

John Aimsworth Drummer of the NSW Corps is actually John Armsworth – Harmsworth, Marine Child, Prince of Wales 1788, son of Thomas and Alice Harmsworth. He was born 1 Dec 1787 aboard the Prince of Wales, on the voyage to NSW. John arrived on Norfolk Island Oct 1791 with his mother, sister Ann and step father Daniel Stanfield aboard the Atlantic. Continue reading

William Rhodes, NSW Corps, Ganges 1797

William was born in York England. He enlisted into the 102nd regiment in August 1796 in Savoy England arriving in NSW aboard the Ganges in 1797

He arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HMS Buffalo in May 1803 as a private in the NSW Corps. He left Norfolk Island for Sydney aboard the Investigator in Feb 1805. On 24 Apr 1810 he was transferred to the 73rd Regiment. William left NSW for duty in Ceylon aboard the Wyndham in Apr 1814.

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