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Thomas Self, NSW Corps, Second Fleet

Thomas enlisted into the NSW Corps in Oct 1789 England, arriving in NSW with the second fleet in 1790. He deserted in September 1790 and was recovered in August 1791 and by 1798 was assigned to Joseph Foveaux NSW Corps Company.

He travelled to Norfolk Island aboard the Hunter in July 1800 with Joseph Foveaux NSW Corps Company with the rank of private. He returned to NSW with the 102nd Regiment aboard the Estramia in April 1809, he did receive remuneration for buildings left at vacating  Norfolk

The secondary source Arrivals & Departures NSW 1788 – 1825 notes Thomas Self returning to NSW with a wife and two children (no names).[1] On checking the primary source been the shipping muster of the Estramia the interpretation of the use “ has been taken as ditto or “as above” when indexed for the Arrivals & Departures NSW 1788 – 1825 database. The use of “ in most of Norfolk Island and other early records actual means non applicable as in the case of Thomas Self [2]

102nd Regiment left in New South Wales.

In September 1809 Thomas Self was a solider at the Hawkesbury, on stores. In September 1811 Thomas is listed on return of a detachment of 102nd Regiment left in New South Wales.[3] No further records found in the Colony for Thomas Self.

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[3] SRNSW Colonial Secretary’s Papers 1788-1825, reel 6040; 9/2673 p.97 and reel 6043; 4/1726 p.163a.

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