William Saltmarsh, Convict, Alexander 1788

William Saltmarsh was born c1770. He was charged with stealing five handkerchiefs, tried at Kingston, Surrey on 28 Mar 1785, found guilty and sentenced to 7 years transportation. He arrived in NSW aboard the Alexander 1788.

William on 11 Aug 1788 received 50 lashes for stealing spirits from the store house and being drunk. Then on he again was sentenced to receive 50 lashes for stealing the oars from Ralph Clark’s boat with James Richards, the matter was first held on 3 Oct 1788, and then remanded til 13 Oct 1789.[1]

In Sydney he formed a relationship with Elizabeth Holligan (Convict Prince of Wales 1788), their daughter Ann was baptised 20 Dec 1789 Port Jackson. Elizabeth and infant Ann travelled to Norfolk Island aboard HMS Sirius in Mar 1790.

William Saltmarsh eventually arrived on Norfolk Island aboard the Surprize in Aug 1790; he did not continue his relationship with Elizabeth.  Elizabeth and Ann left Norfolk Island for Sydney aboard the Chesterfield in Apr 1793. No further records for Elizabeth or her daughter Ann Holligan were found.

William formed a brief relationship on Norfolk Island with Mary Butler (Convict: Lady Juliana 1790) She also arrived on Norfolk Island aboard the Surprize in Aug 1790. On 28 Apr 1792 William saltmarsh was detected in a theft as sentenced to 100 lashes and ordered to work in a gaol gang for an indefinite period of time (at his Governor’s Pleasure).[2]

William left Norfolk Island for Bengal aboard the Pitt in May 1792 leaving pregnant Mary behind.  William Butler – Saltmarsh was born 13 Aug 1792 Norfolk Island, as William Saltmarsh he married Elizabeth Stevens 19 Jan 1819 St Johns Launceston VDL. Elizabeth was Elizabeth Phillips, born 1796 Norfolk Island; her father was James Reilly who died on Norfolk Island in 1801.

Elizabeth died 3 September 1840 Norfolk Plains, buried Christ Church Cemetery Longford. William Saltmarsh died 21 November 1863 Longford.

[1] Proceedings of Judge Advocate’s Bench of Magistrates, SRNSW, SZ765, Reel 654, pp. 82; 223 -224; 227.

[2] List of Crimes and Punishment, 12th November 1791 to this date, Norfolk Island July 16th 1794, AJCP, PRO Reel 5, CO210/10.

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