Location of Norfolk Island Seaman Settlers in 1819

Abdilla, Muhammad: No record but still residing in Hobart in 1822.

Antonia, Bastian: Not known last record; Sep 1817: 30 acres Elizabeth Town New Norfolk VDL.

Buckall, Antonio: On stores and charity, Hobart VDL.

Cassaway, Ratan: Routan Cassaway: 33 acres Elizabeth Town New Norfolk VDL.

Cavanough, Owen: Owen Kavanagh (sic), landholder, possible at Pitt Town NSW.

Conn, John Rum : 35 acres New Norfolk VDL.

Cossoms, Muhammad: Mahomet Cassam (sic), off stores Hobart VDL.

Drummond, John:  Mr Drummond, Settler at Liverpool NSW.

Hambly, William: Off stores, Hobart VDL.

Hassan, John: Landowner, 40 acres at Norfolk Plains VDL.

Hibbs, Peter: Landholder in the Windsor district NSW.

Mitchell, William: On stores, Invalid, Hobart VDL.

Nairn, James: Constable; Paterson Plains near Longford VDL

Painter, James:  Landholder, Pitt Town NSW.

Proctor, James: Not applicable; died 1801 Norfolk Island.

Purdon, Michael: Off stores, Hobart VDL.

Ralph, George : Unknown, departed the Colony, per Britannia Mar 1794 for Batavia.

Scott, John: Unknown, departed Norfolk Island per Asia Sep 1795, destination China.

Suiz, Bastian: On stores and charity, Hobart VDL.

Sultan, Sira: Off stores, Hobart with 27 acres at New Norfolk VDL.

Watson, Robert: Died Nov 1819 The Rocks Sydney NSW.

Webb, Robert: NA; died Feb 1799 Port Jackson.

Webb, Thomas: NA; died May 1795 Hawkesbury.

Seaman Settlers of Colonial Norfolk Island 1788 – 1814 ISBN: 978-0-6455512-6-6 is being published in October 2024.