Directory of Norfolk Island First Settlement 1788-1814

This directory of names created by University of New England (UNE) identifies most individuals associated with the ‘First Settlement’ phase of the colonial occupation of Norfolk Island and has expanded immense the number of names in identifying unique individuals compared to the different collated populations lists of the past.

University of New England This research was undertaken with support from the UNE. The UNE Norfolk Island Directory owes much to years of granular and relatively manual research undertaken by Australian History Research including our numerous Norfolk Island 1st Settlement 1788 to 1814 publications.

A comprehensive range of primary records from all archival repositories was utilised for the creation of this directory not just the Norfolk Island Victualling books. With the evidence analysis of these original records being the source of historical informative details and data. At the same time an in-depth intra shipping lists was also collated for research and cross referencing purposes.

Using a critical and logically research approach with the more advanced technologies now available for compiling and analysing data, the UNE Norfolk Island Directory became more expansive, more granular, and precise than our predecessors.  This new Norfolk Island 1st Settlement directory is part of University of New England’s Convict History Research Collective

This open access dataset identifies individuals associated with the ‘First Settlement’ phase of the colonial occupation of Norfolk Island, from Mar 1788 to Feb 1814. Based on extensive archival research, 3,610 unique identities have been extracted from over seventy key historical documents, all named here with our preferred spelling, and each given a unique alphanumeric identifier (UID). Facilitate the development of a relational database for students and community researchers interested in employing big data approaches to the study of this unique and intriguing colonial enterprise. Reference: David Andrew Roberts and Cathy Dunn, ‘Directory of the Norfolk Island First Settlement, 1788-1814’, University of New England, March 2024, DOI: 10.25952/x2y6-sw49

One is able to use the search facility to see name results with that individual’s first and last primary record which lists their name. eg James Morrisby, Convict, Scarborough 1788. arriving on Norfolk Island per HMS Sirius Mar 1790 and departed Norfolk Island for Hobart per HMS Porpoise Dec 1807.

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