Settlers and Landholders Norfolk Island 1793

Settlers and Landholders Norfolk Island 1793 reviews the debacle produced by the flawed positioning of land lots and the strife with the over promise of actual land and its inconvenience caused an exodus of both marine and convict settlers who gave up their rights to grounds and left the Island. 1793 was a year which also saw the departure of many convicts from Norfolk Island after they had served their term of sentence. With Surveyor Charles Grimes eventually correcting the positions of land lots and adjusting to accurate sizing following King’s numerous interventions allowed for the proper establishments of farms for the cultivation of crops and the sustainable colonial development of Norfolk Island.

“Historian Cathy Dunn takes a temporal slice – the year 1793 – as a means of tracing and seeing the early settlers and landholders of Norfolk Island. Drawn from numerous sources, the aim is to precisely describe 98 allotments occupied by the settlers in that year, many of whom organised themselves into a Settler and Land Holders Society for the purpose of seeking clearer regulations concerning the use of their land. With her work, we edge just a little closer to a comprehensive and deep knowledge of Norfolk Island’s First Settlement.” Associate Professor David Andrew Roberts, University of New England (Armidale)

Included the list of land holders and lots locations on Norfolk Island in 1793 and owner of land grants and leases in 1796.  A4 size, 32 pages includes 1793 land maps, name index and bibliography.  This publication is now out of print.