Norfolk Island Landholders 1794 – 1807

When our publication Settlers and Landholders Norfolk Island 1793 went out of print, it was decided to explore the landholders of both grants and leases, along with land sales 1794 to 1807. The research methodology for this publication included the collating and cross referencing of all the primary records relating to all land ownership, grants and leases from 1794 to 1807 for Norfolk Island’s colonial settlement.

Norfolk Island Landholders 1794 – 1807 includes:

  • Landholders with Lot Numbers, November 1794
  • Landholders with Lot Numbers issued after February 1796
  • Other Grants and Leases 1794 to 1807
  • Settlers on Norfolk Island wishing to vacate their allotments of Land, 19 July 1804
  • Norfolk Island Landholders, March 1805
  • Settlers and Landholders on Norfolk Island, August 1807
  • Bibliography and Further Readings
  • Index of Names

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