Did Frederick Meredith travel to Norfolk Island aboard the HMS Sirius in March 1790?

Not all assigned HMS Sirius ships company members (the crew) and Ships Marines were aboard the ship for her final voyage in March 1790 to Norfolk Island, they are noted in the HMS Sirius musters by not being mustered on 20 March 1790 on Norfolk Island after the shipwreck, but being mustered in April 1790 at Port Jackson. Continue reading

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World War One: War Heroes Song

The First Australian Imperial Force (1st AIF) was the main expeditionary force of the Australian Army during World War One. It was formed from August 15, 1914, following Britain’s declaration of war on Germany. Known at the time as the AIF, it is today referred to as the 1st AIF to distinguish from the 2nd AIF which was raised during World War II. The 1st AIF included the Australian Flying Corps, which was later renamed the Royal Australian Air Force. Continue reading