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Marriage list of November 1791 Norfolk Island

The settlement on Norfolk Island was with no permanent clergyman until the arrival of Rev Henry Fulton in 1801. Reverend Richard Johnson did visit in November 1791 and is said he married upwards  100  couples during his brief visit.

No marriage records were kept or survived. 

Australian History Research is collating a marriage list  from other primary records.

People of the HMS Sirius

Family History Research Reports

Culprits on Norfolk Island: Golden Grove October 1788

Culprits on Norfolk Island: Golden Grove October 1788 is currently in final proofing. A pre-publication special will be announced in June. Due for publication in July 2015.

A collation and bibliography on the people who arrived on Norfolk Island aboard the Golden Grove in October 1788, including their life on Norfolk Island and their next generation, in addition to consulting journals, shipping records, victualling books, musters, land records and a large range of primary records related to Norfolk Island, NSW and Tasmania.

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Who was the first man and woman from the First Fleet to come ashore at Port Jackson

David Collins Wrote: The governor, with a party of marines, and some artificers selected from among the seamen of the Sirius and the convicts, arrived in Port Jackson, and anchored off the mouth of the cove intended for the settlement on the evening of the 25th; and in the course of the following day sufficient ground was cleared for encamping the officer’s guard and the convicts who had been landed in the morning. Continue reading