1819 Muster Female Convicts Hobart

The 1819 muster of female convicts in Hobart Town is extracted from a larger set of muster rolls and land grants for the settlements of Van Diemen’s Land.

In this transcription, each row of the document/data is labelled with a unique identifier (Column A), so that all the individuals named can be located to a precise point in the document.

Similarly, all individuals have been connected to UNE’s separate database of New South Wales convicts, their unique identifier number provided along with a ‘stub summary’ showing their ship of arrival and the details of their original conviction, being the key details upon which individual convicts were (and still are) identified across all records.

The dataset of 1819 Muster Female Convicts Hobart also provides a reference to the Colonial Secretary’s assignment lists and indents which record the date and means by which each convict woman was relocated from Sydney to Van Diemen’s Land.

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Cathy Dunn graduated with a Masters of History from the UNE and is a freelance history consultant who operates a range of heritage tourism ventures and has published widely. She is a member of the History Council of NSW and has produced numerous historical datasets for UNE’s ARC DP, ‘Enquiring Into Empire’.

Michael Monaghan is a retired senior public servant, holding a LLB (hons) and BEc from ANU. As a freelance family historian he has a particular research interest in the connections between Norfolk Island and Van Diemen’s Land and his own eclectic Tasmanian ancestry.

Associate Professor David Andrew Roberts is Head of Department of Archaeology, Classics and History at the University of New England. He teaches a variety of History subjects, including HIST351/551: Convict Australia, and administers a large postgraduate program that specialises in the study of early Australia. His research ranges across a variety of concerns but he is best known for his work on the history and legacy of Australia’s convict past.

Reference: C. Dunn, M. Monaghan, and D.A. Roberts, ‘Muster Roll of Female Convicts in Hobart Town, 1819’, Open Access Dataset, University of New England (NSW), 2024, DOI: 10.25952/0p0a-g135 rune.une.edu.au/web/handle/1959.11/57582