Captain Cook Convention: Norfolk Island Oct 2024

As part of the October 2024 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s discovery of Norfolk Island of October 1774; there will be the Captain Cook Convention and Dinner

The Convention will take you on a remarkable journey on Captain Cook’s second voyage to the South Pacific and beyond.

  • In Search of Terra Australis: Cook his voyages and the naming of Norfolk Island 10 Oct 1774
  • Norfolk Island and Connecting with St. Helena
  • Cook-Bligh-Flinders-King: Four Master Mariners and Norfolk Island
  • Seafarers of Colonial Norfolk Island
  • Norfolk Island Book launch of Seaman Settlers of  Norfolk Island 1788 – 1814
  • Cook’s Legacy: From Tall Timbers to Tourism

Early in 1774, in London, Captain James Cook sat at dinner on the eve of his second voyage into the southern hemisphere to try and find the Great South Land. Next to him sat the Duchess of Norfolk, who said, “If you find a small isle would you name it after me” ?

If you’re passionate about historical events and Norfolk Island History, this convention is definitely worth attending!

Banner Image: 1774 top section of James Cook, Norfolk Isle (London: William Strahan in New Street, Shoe Lane, & Thomas Cadell in the Strand, 1777), NLA, MAP NK 2456/48.