Burials in Sydney 1788 – 1820

Presentation includes:

  • Burials Sydney 1788 – 1792
  • History and burials of the Old Sydney Burial Ground 1792 – 1820
  • Executions
  • Headstones and their discovery
  • Early colonial deaths records from church records
  • Mutch Index, newspapers and other primary records.
  • Old Sydney Burial Ground maps and drawings
  • Funerals and wakes

The inventory of burials at the Old Sydney Burial Ground collated from historical records by Cathy Dunn from Australian History Research is the most comprehensive list of names associated and historical research published in 2008 has been kept updated.

Discover the history of the Old Sydney Burial ground (today the Sydney Town Hall) and the discovery of grave and headstones. Just who is buried there … from Convicts … free settlers  … members of the NSW Corps. There are over 2500 people buried from 1792 – 1820. What was the cause of death and burial practices in NSW 1788 – 1820.

The Old Sydney Burial Ground buried both the convict and free population. There were no apparent denominational divisions, but some social distinctions were maintained in the spatial organisation of the cemetery.

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