Stowaways aboard the Admiral Barrington 1792

Smuggled on board the Admiral Barrington by seamen at Port Jackson, detained as prisoner at Norfolk Island, pending their return to Port Jackson was a group of six male and one female stowaway convicts aboard the Admiral Barrington January 1792.

  1. Samuel Pearsons: Departed Norfolk Island aboard the Francis in July 1796
  2. William Jones:
  3. John Morgan: Second Fleet convict, departed Norfolk Island aboard the Kitty in March 1793.
  4. Joseph Smith: Departed Norfolk Island aboard HMS Reliance February 1796.
  5. Edward Brown:
  6. James Scott: Departed Norfolk Island aboard the Fancy in March 1795.
  7. Sarah Smith:

Reference: Philip Gidley King letterbook Norfolk Island, ML SAFE/C 187: 90; Norfolk Island Victualling Book 1792-1796, ML A1958: 36b.