Culprits on Norfolk Island: Golden Grove October 1788

Culprits on Norfolk Island: Golden Grove October 1788

Golden Grove 1788A collation and bibliography on the people who arrived on Norfolk Island aboard the Golden Grove in October 1788, including their life on Norfolk Island and their next generation.

In addition to consulting journals, shipping records, victualling books, musters, land records and a large range of primary records related to Norfolk Island, NSW and Tasmania. Continue reading Culprits on Norfolk Island: Golden Grove October 1788

George Collins: Convict Royal Admiral 1792

Crime: Theft. Tried: 21 Mar 1792, Surrey Assizes at Kingston-upon-Thames, 7 years transportation.

Joseph Dyer, Andrew McManus, George Collins and James Brown were charged as “incorrigible rogues and vagabonds, Persons of Evil Disposition & not having any visible means of honest subsistence … ” They were found guilty and sentenced to three years’ hard labour at Norfolk Island.[1] Continue reading George Collins: Convict Royal Admiral 1792

Edward Haven, Serjeant, NSW Corps

Edward Haven enlisted in Sept 1789 in London. He arrived in NSW aboard HMS Gorgon 1791 or the Pitt in 1792. In June 1800 he was residing in Sydney with one servant.

In July 1800 he possible travelled to Norfolk Island aboard the Hunter with Joseph Foveaux’s NSW Corps Company part of the 102nd Regiment.

However noting that in Nov 1800 he leased 60 feet in front and 154 feet in depth in Soldier’s Row.

Edward Haven was promoted to Quartermaster Serjeant 25 Dec 1808 on Norfolk Island.

Edward returned to Sydney with a detachment of the 102 Regiment aboard the Lady Nelson in April 1810. He then returned to England aboard the Hindostan in May 1810. when the NSW Corps was withdrawn.

Notes from Glen Lambert:
Promoted to Serjeant 1791 in England
Reduced to Private 6 Aug 1793 in Sydney
Promoted to Corporal 2 Aug 1794, then Serjeant 27 Feb 1795 in Sydney then transferred for duty to Norfolk Island: first present on the paylist Jun-Jul 1798

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