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Edward Haven, Serjeant, NSW Corps Pitt 1792

Edward Haven arrived in NSW aboard the Pitt in 1792. In June 1800 he was residing in Sydney with one servant. In July 1800 he travelled to Norfolk Island aboard the Hunter with Joseph Foveaux’s NSW Corps Company part of the 102nd Regiment.

In 1808 Edward Haven was promoted to Pay Master Sergeant in Dec 1808.

Edward returned to Sydney with a detachment of the 102 Regiment aboard the Lady Nelson in April 1810. He then returned to England.

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NSW Corps 1804 Norfolk Island

Seletta Guest: Royal Admiral 1792

GUEST, Seletta

Convict. Silette Guest as per Convict Indent
Arrived Royal Admiral 1792
Tried: 6 Aug 1791, Worcester, 7 years transportation

1801: Lettesia Guest, expired convict living in Sydney, off stores.

1806: Letitia Guest, Concubine with William Day (arrived Pitt, 1792) with children of one male natural, one female natural

Seletta Guest died September 1810 Sydney
Buried as 9 September 1810, age 45 years
Old Sydney Burial Ground.

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