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Jonathan Price, Convict, Atlantic 1791

He enlisted into the NSW Corps in 1800 Sydney. He arrived on Norfolk Island aboard HMS Porpoise in January 1801, serving with the102nd Foot Regiment on Norfolk Island until his departure aboard the Lady Nelson in March 1810. Continue reading

Thomas Bolton, NSW Corps, Neptune or Surprize 1790

Thomas Bolton – Boulton was born in 1768 at Birmingham and enlisted into the NSW Corps in June 1789 England. He first travelled to Norfolk Island  HM Supply to Norfolk Island in April 1791 with Captain William Hill.

Thomas Bolton  also served on Norfolk Island from 1800 to 1810, as a Private in NSW Corps. Continue reading

William Lawson, Ensign NSW Corps, Royal Admiral 1800

William Lawson was born 1774 Finchley, Middlesex, England. Educated in London, William was trained as a surveyor, but in June 1799 he bought a commission in the New South Wales Corps for £300. As an ensign he arrived at Sydney in November 1800 in the Royal Admiral and was soon posted to the garrison at Norfolk Island. [1] Continue reading

Thomas Ashbury, NSW Corps, Surprize 1790

The Norfolk Island Victualling Book notes that Private Thomas Ashbury first went to Norfolk on the Atlantic, 4 November 1791, and received stores throughout 1792 until Kitty left for Port Jackson on 9 March 1793. He returned again to Norfolk Island aboard the Francis with the NSW Corps for 9 March 1794 until 31 December 1795, returning to NSW aboard the Francis. Continue reading