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Deaths: 1805 NSW and Norfolk Island

All burials at Sydney are at the Old Sydney Burial Ground.  Parramatta burials are at death reg. St Johns Parramatta unless noted. Dates are for burials unless noted.

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HMS Sirius Crew not aboard the ship for the voyage to Norfolk Island March 1790

Not all the assigned crew members and ship’s marines were aboard HMS Sirius for the March 1790 voyage to Norfolk Island, they are noted in HMS Sirius muster by not being mustered on 20 March 1790 on Norfolk Island after the day after the shipwreck, but being mustered in April 1790 at Port Jackson. Continue reading

Norfolk Island First Settlement

Norfolk Island population October 1788

When the Golden Grove in October 1788 arrived on Norfolk Island Lieutenant Philip King wrote:

And soon afterwards Mr. Donovan, a midshipman belonging to the Sirius, came on shore, and delivered the governor’s letters: by this gentleman I also received a letter from Mr. Blackburn, the master of the Supply, informing me that he sailed from Port Jackson on the 24th of September, being ordered by Governor Phillip to conduct the transport to this island; that he had brought Mr. Donovan, a serjeant, (sic) a corporal, and five private marines, two gardeners, who were seamen belonging to the Sirius, and twenty-one men and eleven women convicts; also the Supply’s jolly-boat and boat’s crew, to assist in unloading the Golden Grove. Continue reading

Norfolk Island First Settlement

Culprits on Norfolk Island: Golden Grove Ebook

Culprits on Norfolk Island: Golden Grove October 1788 ebook

Golden Grove 1788A collation and bibliography on the people who arrived on Norfolk Island aboard the Golden Grove in October 1788, including their life on Norfolk Island and their next generation.

In addition to consulting journals, shipping records, victualling books, musters, land records and a large range of primary records related to Norfolk Island, NSW and Tasmania. Continue reading

cemetery at Norfolk island

First Fleet Headstone identified on Norfolk Island

Norfolk island HeadstoneAfter reviewing a mystery headstone at Norfolk Island cemetery for many years, and in 2015 with additional photography taken by Woodman Photography (Phil and Bev) during the Norfolk Island History Lovers tour.

William Francis d1804The headstone has now been identified to be that of First Fleeter William Francis, Convict Alexander 1788, who died 21 January 1804.

The headstone is a crude 1st settlement headstone, featuring very much degrading stone and markings, on located near the bottom entrance to cemetery.

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